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Took money without authorisation, locked account, no support.

So here's the thing. As well as running a radio station I still dabble in a bit of web design. I have a number of domains registered with Vidahost ( excellent by the way ) and some still with 123 Reg. I am in the process of moving all of them away as their service is shocking and have had lots of problems with DNS settings.

However I was surprised to see myself billed for a domain name that I had manually set to expire along time ago. Yet sure enough, £26 out of my Paypal account. I submitted a support question and they claimed they had my credit / debit card details and I had set it to automatic renew.

1: I had changed it to manual and set to expire

2: They had no payment details on record at all

What they did have was my Paypal details and they took it from that. That is a clear case of unauthorised transaction but here comes the good bit.

Because I contacted Paypal and explained the situation, they stopped the payment. As a result of that 123 Reg have now suspended my account! I now have to pick up the phone ( not open past 7pm of course ) and stand my ground.

So it appears these scoundrels have been up to these pranks before. Dennis Rice seems to have unpleasant contact with a gentleman called Richard Winslow. I will update you and let you know how I get on. Of course, being a presenter on a radio station I can share that with all our listeners and those that interact with us. Plus of course all my media buddies across the UK. Been doing this a while you know.

So this is a golden opportunity for Richard Winslow and those at 123 Reg to put the record straight and get their house in order. In this day and age its all about people power and we can all go somewhere else. As it transpires the domains I have with 123 aren't important and I can walk away. Of course there are those of you that can't.

I am happy for anyone to get in contact directly ( www.iandore.co.uk ) with your stories and we will also produce a show and get some voices down on tape. In the short term, I will keep you posted on here. In the meantime and for what its worth I've been with Vidahost for hosting and domain registration since 2009 and they are superb. I have no affiliation but they have been kind enough to provide the stream for our not for profit community station. They are truly very professional people.

I hope all that helps and I will keep you in the loop.

------------ ---------UPDATE ----------- ----------
Well after the post below "Took money without authorisation, locked account, no support." I wasn't holding out on any real solution.

After speaking to a Daryl at support he said that if I paid the admin fee of £12 he could reinstate the account that they had suspended. Of course I would also have to pay for the domain ( £26 ) that they renewed without my permission. Hmm, that's nice.

I said no and I wanted to speak to his manager and was duly passed to Curtis. I explained to Curtis in no uncertain terms that via the previous post, we had been contacted by no less than 21 people all happy to go on air with our radio station and voice their views about 123 Reg. We also had interest from a nice BBC person who thought the story had legs...

Curtis said that he would look at the logs and get back to me. In the meantime I could have access to the account, but wouldn't be able to move any domains away. Fair enough but a waste of time. I gave him till 4pm to resolve this and when I called back he hadn't. Fine, interviews are go.

Amazingly later that afternoon the character that posts below as Nery's called me and apologised!!!! Amazing as she exists even more so as she came cap in hand. They had checked the logs and admitted that 123 Reg were completely in the wrong and they were sorry. The account would be reactivated and apologised for the issue. Now, to be honest I would have left it at that...

However what 123 fail to realise is that through a fault of their ( and their own admittance ) I still ran up a phone bill to the tune of over £7 by having to call their bloody help ( less ) line. So why the farking heck should I have to be out of pocket as a result of their mistake???

123 Reg had a chance to redeem themselves fully when they made the call but it shouldn't have gotten that far and the mistake shouldn't have happened in the first place.

So where are we now? Well its Chrimbo and the odds of any interaction are slim at best and the chances of getting phone call money refunded I would hazard is in the same league as getting the Jimmy Savile Christmas special aired. However I would like to see my money but not the hideous retch that was...

I have dropped a line to Nerys so we'll see what happens. As I see there are those that are still unhappy with the service and David's story is truly shocking. If you want to share them with us at www.bathcitysound.com then drop us a line via the contact page and in the new year, we'll get some audio recorded with you. Its not just a case of sloppy operations, its affecting peoples livelihoods. That sort of stuff is media gold.

In the meantime Vidahost have pulled a blinder after hearing of these shennanighans and are offering transfers lower than a midgets ding a ling. I have to say again, I am in no way associated with Vidahost but as a web designer I have been with them for 4 years and they have never ever had any problems with any of their lines. They simply work and work well for you as a punter.

As a director with Bath City Sound we were looking for a solid host to look after our website and audio stream. Vidahost came up trumps and their support if needed is top drawer. I am currently in the process of moving everything away and I am going with them. Of course there are many options so have a look and make your own judgement. https://www.vidahost.com/domains

From a point of view of 'spouting off' we are in a time of austerity where every penny counts and any such tomfoolery by big or indeed small business operations should be highlighted. Only then can they work to improve such shoddy operations or eventually people will leave them or won't join them in the first place. We all Google for reviews before parting with our cash so having the freedom to speak should be exercised if for no other reason but to help your fellow man.

I've only got 10 domains with them so they have only lost £260 a year from me. For a small biz though, that's significant. Now would I want to loose £260 a year? Not if I could help it, no matter how big I was. Will I get my tenner back in phone call expense?

We'll see and I will update you.

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