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Disappointing product that does not fit the description on the website

I ordered a Victorian Boy Costume for my 9 year old son. I expected to receive a hat, a vest and a pair of trousers as presented in the picture on the website. I was disappointed when I received the package because it included no trousers. I then went on the website again to see if there was any indicaction that trousers are not included and, after scrolling down more and more, I found a statement, at the very very bottom of the page, below some adds that when ordering the costume made me think that no point keep scrolling down, saying that "only add trousers of your choice...". Clearly Joker did their best to ensure the statement is not visible to customers. If Joker had any intention to be honest, the statement would have been clearer and positioned nearer the photo. In addition, the hat was unproportionally small while the vest was unpropotionally big, and quality was really the very bear minimum. I did call the customer service but the person who answered my call only apologized but offered no help. I buy online constantly, but I will not order again from Joker.

19 December 2012

Reply from Jokers' Masquerade

Thank you for your review and feedback. We are sorry if you feel the description was not clear. The note regarding the trousers features in paragraph 2 of the 3 which make up the relatively short description. The product information can be found directly under the product image and does not form the end of the page. We are saddened by the suggestion that we would hide information as this cannot be further from the truth and we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure full details are given within the description.

As we are simply a retailer, the construction of a costume is out of our hands. However, we work closely with our suppliers and will ensure your valuable feedback regarding the size of the item is passed directly onto them.

All telephone calls are recorded therefore we have been able to refer to this in our investigation. Our representative offered a refund for the item which was not accepted due to time restrictions. This, alongside our apology for any confusion, is all our representative could have offered on this occasion. The trousers are part of the image supplied to us by the manufacturer and as such are not an item sold separately negating this as a possible resolution. We encourage our customers to converse with us should there be a remedy that may not have been offered/thought of but would help the situation.

We are sorry you feel that you cannot purchase from us again.

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