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T Mobile

Embarrasing and distressing mobile phone provider, can't wait to end my contract

I used to respect T mobile as the greatest mobile phone network provider in the UK for years. Since 2011, I've found the service with T mobile, tedious and non economical no matter how much discount I receive every time I upgrade.
I was cheated into a new contract, when I decided not to upgrade my phone but instead use my discount towards my bill, hoping it would reduce it drastically as I've been with them for a number of years. Has it been?.......You must be having a laugh mate!!!

Listed below are the reasons to run away and never look back at T mobile:

1) A British sales team who you hear from only once when your upgrade is due. Once your contract begins, the service is provided by robots with no charisma, heavy Asian accents and fake anglicised names.

2) Quick to chase up and stalk you for payment, but even slower than slugs to understand and rectify issues.

3) Customer service should be renamed 'I don't give a flying crap about you, stop complaining and pay your damn bill and get off my line service'

4) Managing your account online with T mobile is starting to feel like a scam as I am unable to view my call history which is within my allowence (a service they and every other phone company offers), they only show the calls, text etc...which are charged.
I can NEVER see my price plan as it always says there are technical issues, please try again later.
I'm not sure about anybody else, but there are loads of things on your own personal page when you login, that you can't see or gain access to on a regular basis.

5) Sorry to say and I really do hope this review is seen by Tmobile, but their charges, especially overseas charges, cannot be justified. Charging your customer £75 for only 18mins worth of calls plus £45 for 114 texts is the most appauling rip off one could experience. I recently went away to South Africa and yes I know T mobile sends these alerts (which are all free for them to bombard you with) saying how much this and that costs, so I used my phone a few times due to an emergency and was expecting a high bill (I judged possibly paying around £75 at most, but when I received my bill for £145.77, I started to cry. Its not fair to be charging £1.50 per minute to call or receive calls and send texts.

6) So the high phone bill, which is the highest I've ever paid for a monthly phone bill in the last 2 years was down to a problem I had with my airline travel agent, when I almost could not fly. I needed to obtain my call history to forward to my travel agent to prove an error made by them. I also wanted phone call recordings as evidence to support me, after all they were my calls, I made, therefore I should have a right to access them.

"You can't".....says a robot from T mobile. And why?...."due to privacy". I don't understand, can you please explain further...."you can't its due to privacy, you can try and get it from ofcom". And that was the end of that unhelpful conversation. So as usual with T mobile, I have to fight my own battles without your help and care, now do you understand why I take MY time to pay my bill?

T mobile customer service - For your information Ofcom are only Independent regulators and competition authorities for the UK communications industries, which means they only monitor the wellbeing of your industry and rely on users to give complaints and/or feedback.

In conclusion, I've had enough with your service, and I can't wait for you to not exist in my life.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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