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Bad films, bad customer service, bad service

I stuck with it for three months plus my free trial period but gave up in the end. The online content is awful. Mostly very old or mediocre films (at best - they bulk out availability with god-awful dross) and a strange choice of television serials (the entire back-catalogue of Thunderbirds?), and no classics (where's Blade Runner or Citizen Kane?). But that wasn't the worst of it. That was their support. The films kept failing to play on my computer. There's nothing wrong with my PC/connection and I use Silverlight for other applications and it works fine, but clearly there was a problem somewhere. Phone support didn't know anything technical. Email support send a string of copy+paste emails and they don't actually read the problem and constantly suggest remedies that you've clearly told them you've already tried, the worst of which is to downgrade Silverlight to an older version. All quite frustrating and disappointing.

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