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Unreliable, very rude drivers and staff - best avoided

I've used easybus quite often and at the start found no problems at all. But in the past few months I've had problems on every trip that either I took or my friends took visiting me (Luton to Finchley Rd) Buses are now always late and sometimes not picking up at the stop, despite having reserved passengers to pick up. Seem completely inconsistent: some drivers will let you on an earlier or later bus (within the hour as specified), others will say no, only your reserved bus and then others will take anybody and leave the reserved passengers stranded. The main problem though is their staff - the drivers are so rude and staff at the airport just seem to enjoy winding people up.

A few examples.

- at airport missed scheduled bus by 5 mins, asked to get on the next bus as per Easybus guidelines. Ground staff laughed at us and said we can't just get on the next bus, we had to go into the office to check if there were seats and change the ticket. This hadn't been my experience previously. Anyway office staff duly changed ticket. When the bus arrived the same ground staff told the bus driver there were no reserved seats for that time. Basically he knew the whole time we could get on the bus but was just on some power trip!

- another time stupidly booked my return ticket for the next day, ground staff and driver refused to let me use it and charged 16 to get home. Told me I could take it up with the office in the airport but that it wouldn't do me any good. Later found out that if I had gone to the office I would have paid much less for a new ticket.

- friend came to visit last weekend , hadn't printed her ticket off. Ground staff told her to go into the terminal and print it. Neglected to tell her she could ask the ticket desk to print it for her so she spent several pounds on airport printer to do so. Driver didn't announce the stops on the way into London so she nearly missed her stop. On the return we were 15 mins early for her bus: at the time her bus was due a bus pulled up and said he was the earlier bus running late and would only take reserved passengers for earlier bus. Waited another half hour and the next bus drove straight passed us and wouldn't stop. Waited another half hour before giving up and paying for an expensive taxi to the airport. Not surprisingly she hasn't had an answer to her emailed complaint!

Now recommending that everyone takes [External Reference] or the trains to the airport. Your trip might work out OK, but if travelling at peak times it'll likely be a costly nightmare. And you have nowhere to get any help, no phone line, drivers will ignore you and email responses take weeks.

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