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Exquis Eat

Exquis-Eat cons and lies to its staff

I was a previous driver for Exquis-Eat. As I went for the interview things started off ok. Went through the interview with Neil Livingstone (BATHGATE) and got the job, done my training and got my van. Then I was told by a driver that Neil takes £140 from you for the hire of the van and Ice. At the end of the first week I had no sales so was in total £170 DOWN on my bill. This was after puting £90 in the van for fuel. So due to this I realised the job was not for me. Gave the van back with its £685 stock that I previously had when I started. This was on 22 October 2012 when the van got handed back and the company are refusing to give my driving licence back to me. They have said its ''because they hav'nt got the £170 that I owed them''. Common sense should tell them that for a Unemployed Coach Driver he needs his licence to get a job to pay back the disputed £170. Its now 14 December 2012 still no licence and had a job offer from 05 November 2012 but was unable to take it due to the above circumstances. So Neil and Exquis-Eat see you and your solicitors in court for loss of earnings. And everyone else look out in the national newspapers for this story.

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