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Off-hand and unhelpful assistant

I bought a Hoover Purepower vacuum cleaner from Currys in Perth a couple of years ago. As I needed some more bags for it, I took the instruction leaflet with me to the same branch. I picked up 2 boxes and took them to the counter. I asked the assistant if he could confirm that these were the correct bags for the Hoover Purepower and handed him the leaflet.. 'No idea. We don't sell those" he replied. "But I bought it here".'Must have been ages ago. We definitely don't have them. But you might still be able to get one online, I suppose." Crushed, I asked if I could return the bags with the receipt if they turned out to be the wrong ones. "Not if you've opened the packet." When I got home and checked online, I was heartened to see that Currys still sell exactly the same Hoover Purepower vacuum cleaners, with a "collect in store" option and in fact actually tell you which bags to use! Now I may be quite old, but my Hoover isn't, and I was left wondering whatever happened to customer service. Could the assistant have been any less helpful?


Unacceptable practice?

I shopped in Perth Morrisons yesterday- a warm day. Almost the first display I saw at the entrance was an unrefrigerated stand containing sausage rolls, steak slices and meat pies. Wondering why these were not being kept cool, I phoned my local council for advice. They said that as these are baked in store, in terms of the Regulations these items are allowed to sit at room temperature for up to 2 hours before being binned if unsold. So, if I buy a sausage roll (cooked pork) it may have been on display for 2 hours. It is right at the entrance to the store, so by the time I have done the rest of my shopping, queued at the checkout, loaded my car and returned home, the pork meat might have been at room temp for well over three hours! I did not know this, and am unhappy that this is not made clear to customers.Surely a notice beside the display could point out that these are fresh meat products intended for immediate consumption, and that they may already have been out of the fridge for a considerable period? Also, as my son pointed out, is it not reasonable to think that if Morrisons don't see the need to refrigerate these items,it must be safe to store them in the larder at home? It may be compliant with the letter of the law, but surely this is hardly best practice, or informative for customers? I for one won't be buying my sausage rolls or pies at Morrisons!

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Unhelpful customer service!

I bought a twin pack of Ballycastle Hot Toddy from my local Aldi and discovered that the ingredients are described as " a warming sweet hot toddy blended with smooth triple distilled Irish whiskey infused with lemon and spice flavours". However as there is no list of ingredients I phoned Aldi to ask whether there is added sugar or honey.(this is pretty important if you're diabetic!). The customer adviser clearly thought this was a highly amusing question and informed me between giggles that she had no idea! After putting my call on hold for a long time, she then said there was nobody available to provide the information. She took my number and promised that someone would call me on Monday. I shall await the call with interest, but I do feel that the ingredients should be listed on the product in the first place.

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