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1 star is to good for them

I went with talk talk and i regret it, my line rental is £15.50 per month then £2.50 for the internet,

I keep getting bills for £33 each time, I dont use the landline and the internet is only in use when i finish work to check emails.

each time you ring them they hang up on you

the connection is so bad, they say you can get a wifi signal for 72 meters, i can even get it for 2 meters.

you get overcharged, and i hate it you cant talk to no one in the UK

this company is bad,

you have been warned your first bill will shock you, , engineer charges, and other charges

if you dont want stress please stay away from these clowns

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one star is to high for these clowns

I applied for virgin tv broadband etc
got the order number and was told to wait while they would credit check, it took 8 days to credit check me because they had a back log according to them

then they say my application is declined, because I have adverse credit histroy ???
my credit file is fine i checked equifax, call credit etc nothing on their all my bills are paid on direct debit and never had any issues,

after calling them on so many times and speaking to call centres in mars, pluto, the black hole and were ever else they are,

i phoned BT was accepted straight away

virgin are a waste of time


always been good to me as a customer

they are one of the best out there,

everyone makes mistakes but their agents are very good,

I have been a customer for 5 years with them and happy


wish i could give a ZERO

I applied for a basic account, was told to send some IDS (copy's) bank statement, driver licence etc etc,

filled in the form with my signature and posted the items 3 weeks ago, heard nothing as of yet,

walked in to a Birmingham branch and a rude assistant wouldn't help me with any updates, she said you will receive a letter, she didn't even ask my name etc

then I phoned the customer service number, OMG I was passed to around to 5 agents and finally some Asian guy told me he cant find me on the systems at all, and no record of and post from me (this is a pre paid envelope Barclays give you),

every number I dial, ends up in a dead end,

Barclays have gone down the pan, so so so bad, and now I have some lost IDS

thanks for nothing barclays

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I have stuff delivered about 11 times from yodel and no issues at all... fast delivery always....

Today my items came around 30 mins ago

So far a fantastic company


stay well clear please

worst company ever in history

sent my driver licence and NCB so many times, now I am still gettting threats of they will cancel my car insurance, and charge a £75 admin fee.

customer service truly awful, no one can contact them, they dont reply back to emails and when you do speak to them, they slam the phone down.

dont waste your money go elsewhere, they will just give you one long headache

i hope this company gets closed down

Just Eat

they took my money and no food

i ordered via just eat - biggest ever mistake
the order was a total of £11.83,
they took money out of my bank,
confirmed this with the bank,

i got no order confirmation, i contacted them via live chat, and then confirm they had system errors so they will take your cash and not send the food,
they said a refund can take 24 hours to 7 days once they find the money,

i hate them, i work 60 hours 2 jobs to keep alive etc, and the last of my money was meant for a treat, i hope they get closed down

14 December 2012

Reply from

Hi Mohammed,

I'm sorry to see you were effected by a system error on our site. Unfortunately, on rare occasions when the order for some reason does not go through correctly, the payment transaction may still process subject to all fraud checks as we use a external payment handler to process the payments for us.

However, this does not mean you would be charged for the transactions as they are automatically cancelled by our system because they are not attached to an order. Whenever you use your card online the money is 'ring fenced' by the bank. This is done so the money is available when it is due to be debited. However, in your case, because the transaction is now cancelled the money will not be debited from your account in the next couple of days, however the money may not show in your available balance. This will automatically correct itself. This process takes from 24 hours up to 7 working days depending on who you bank with it can take longer.

Please email me on so I can look into this further for you.

Kindest regards,

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