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Great Service

Very informative and great support. all round i would definitely use again !!!!

Scan Computers

SCAM.CO.UK ! ! ! !

Do not be fooled by Scan's competitive prices ironically it comes at a cost !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a manager of an electronics company on line and decided to upgrade my monitor. I noticed that were selling items on eBay and so I purchased an Asus monitor from them, the picture quality on the screen was terrible (Ghosting) and decided to send it back after 2 days out the box.
I contacted scan and arranged for the monitor to be returned and did so in the box, polystyrene in-set, and covers it came with, and in faith I purchased another monitor from them which was of better quality.

After what seemed like a while I received an email saying the Warranty was refused ???? Warranty ???? I sent the item back for its poor performance I wasn't asking or insisting anything to do with warranty it's a couple of days old !!!!

I phoned Customer service and I use that term loosely and they insist I will not receive a refund because of scratches ??
Obviously annoyed I asked to see a picture and I receive what I can only describe as a sub standard camera phone picture of the monitor which has thumb marks and packaging marks (polystyrene) all over it, they didn't even wipe the monitor down after putting they're greasy paws on it before taking a picture it was horrendous.

After much hassle I'm told I will not receive a refund, please think long and hard before choosing SCAM.CO.UK just look at they're track record on review sites it is very telling. I wish I had spent an extra £50 and done without this experience, take my and other customers experiences as a warning and stay away from them.

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