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NEVER AGAIN - and I'm being censored on their Facebook page!!!

DO NOT BUY from LightInThe Box.

I bought a light back in JUNE for nearly £200 and it arrived with missing pieces. Since making the company aware of this, I got promised the pieces would be sent out - the delivery date in September came and went. I contacted them again and they said they would send out the pieces again to arrive within 6-8 working days. I even got an email notification to say they'd shipped! Again nothing.


I have waited 5 months for this light. I am now going to request a full refund. I have been unbelievably upset by the terrible service. I WILL pursue this further.


Customer service second to none

Everyone can make mistakes but I always think the mark of a good retail experience is how they handle you if something goes wrong.

In this, Runnersneed (Shepherd's Bush) exceeded expectations.

Before training for a half-marathon I went to get fitted for new trainers. After video gait analysis the assistant informed me I did not pronate (as I'd said I'd been told before and my ASICs were ace) and in fact I now ran 'neutral' (things can change with time, apparently). I was then 'prescribed' some MIZUNO trainers and off I went.

3 months later, injured with shinsplints I had to stop running a month before the race. I read they could be caused by pronation (hello!) so I went back to Runnersneed having spoken to Steve the manager. He did another gait analysis and said, yes I did pronate slightly after all.

Long story cut short - even though I'd missed the 21-day returns period, and even though I fully expected to have to pay some part of my replacement 'correct' trainers because of this, Steve, bless his heart, apologised for the situation, decided to write the loss off and then presented me with a new pair of ASICs with best wishes for the run.

I completed my first half-marathon (2:31) in no small way thanks to him (injury-free in correct trainers) raising nearly £2K for Cancer Research, so *THANK YOU* Steve for your AMAZING customer service. The 'butterfly effect' here is that you may help cure cancer...

Victoria Plumb

Brilliant staff and service

It's more often that we rant about bad customer service, but I'd just like to say, Victoria Plumb have been absolutely amazing with their customer service, advice, value and patience with me changing my order for my new ensuite 3 times (!) - just all round brilliant.
Thank you team Victoria Plumb!


No complaints at all

Good choice, great discounts and easy to order and return.

So what if they charge £1.49 for returns? It's not exactly bank-breaking considering the savings made and cheaper than a return bus/tube to go shopping in town!

I haven't had an issue at all and have used them a couple of times for quite large orders. Perhaps, according to other reviews, I've been lucky, but lightning has struck twice here anyway!


Best online shopping experience ever.

I'm confused by the negative reviews as I have used ASOS for years (since the early days) and LOVE the site and how it's developed.

Excellent labels, variety, price range, styles, site usability (search functionality is SO easy to narrow down what you want). Pay the ASOS Premier fee (I think £14.99/yr?) and you get free next day delivery and returns ALL YEAR and no minimum order needed. They let you know what hour your parcel is coming (and you can reschedule if needed) plus I use their Collect+ service and I just take parcels back to our corner shop on the way out - no Post Office queues - result!

I've found them especially invaluable now I'm a mum of two little boys as I can't go high-street shopping much any more. So I shop at night when the house is quiet! Great for presents for friends too - you can search by budget as well as size, colour, style, etc. And great sales/discounts too!

I've always found customer services really helpful - it used to be easier to contact them (you'd email them and get a response within a few hours) - now you need to go through the site and it takes a bit longer, but that's the price you pay for growth I guess. I have never personally had a problem with returns and refunds.

Personally I think ASOS are the site to beat when it comes to fashion. And no, I don't work for them - just a long-term fan!



This should get no stars.

I swear I will never use Streetshirts again and have already tweeted my followers and Facebooked my friends to never use them either.

Bunch of money-grabbing incompetents with SHOCKING customer service.

1) Oct: They print 3 tshirts I carefully designed for my hubby and 2 boys (Christmas presents) woefully badly: wrong scale, wrong logo positioning (on the belly, not the chest?!?!) and badly misregistered colours. A monkey throwing ink at a cloth could have done these better.
2) Nov/Dec: I leave 3 phone messages, speak to one girl twice and send 2 emails asking for a reprint (Nov), and having had no response, another email asking for a refund (Dec).
3) End Dec: Finally after the THIRD conversation (I had to call again) I get emailed a returns form. 10 working days to refund and "We will contact you when we receive the tshirts"
4) 31 Jan I call up AGAIN. "Where's my refund?" The guy finds my return slip. "Why hasn't it been processed?" "We have a backlog, but I'll do it now and you'll get your money in 3 days"


I'm beyond expecting an apology for this shocking treatment. Words fail me. I am beyond apoplectic with rage. Streetshirts are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with in my entire life.

Don't believe the good reviews - most are from the US and the other from Leeds - home of Streetshirts (and she's probably an employee). Also 99% of these positive reviews are from people who have not written ANY other reviews on any other companies. Friends of Streetshirts I would guess, with made-up accounts 'in the US'.

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25 June 2013

Reply from www.streetshirts.co.uk

Hi there,

Firstly we would like to address that we do ship our products globally on a daily basis. With regards to your experience with us, we apologise profusely and would like to state that is was simply an unusual dip in standards which has now been rectified. We are now back on track operating at high standards meeting global needs for personalised t-shirts.

Kind regards,


No stars really

I paid a disproportionate amount (for 5 'double wine carrier' gift -bags), i.e. £8 extra in order to have delivery between 1-2 working days.

I ordered them on Wed 5/12, so would have expected delivery by Friday 7/12. On the Saturday 8/12 they did not arrive and as we needed the purchases for giving out gifts at a family gathering on the Sunday, we had to go out and purchase double the number of normal wine bottle gift-bags instead.

We were staying at a cottage for a long weekend (so a different delivery address to my normal homeone) and left Tuesday 11/12, by which time no wine bags had been delivered.

I have just had a message to call the owners of the cottage today - my parcel was found on the doorstep on Wednesday 12/12 - 5 days later than I paid for them!

Clearly a) I do not need them any more and b) I paid a lot of money for them to be delivered on time and they weren't.

In all I spent over £20 for no product whatsoever (plus the expense of buying other wine bags!). The vendor thankfully refunded me but she said she used Yodel and it was trackable. My Amazon records showed no tracking.

I thanked her and have sent her the link to this review page, suggesting she use another company for her business.

Why are they still going?!

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