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Ignores calls and emails

Used Ross Coates Solicitors when I was purchasing a property. The process was painful, the solicitor I used - Remersh Kaur was slow and she ignored emails and phone calls and would claim she didn't receive them. The process took about 3 months for what should have been at a maximum 6 weeks. This was my first and last time using this firm.

Excellent Customer Service

Was really delighted with this company. They also price matched and delivered on date and time as promised.

Variete ltd

Customer Service Non Existent

I ordered a bedstead from this company on the 11 December, and emailed them to ask them if they could deliver on the 12 or 13 after 3.30pm or else anytime on the 14th. Got an email back to say time specific wasn't possible so they booked me in for the 14th. I sat at home all day, and called variete in the morning to be told that it would be delivered between 9am to 5pm. At 3pm still no sign so I decided to call and ask for the contact details of the company. Was given same, tracked it online to show that a delivery had been attempted, nobody was home and a card was left! I had been at home all day, no card was left and no phone call was made to me! The delivery company they use are dreadful, the guy who would not put me through to a manager, advised me that a manager would eventually call me back to tell me the same thing.

So I then called variete back, spoke with a guy who advised me that there wasn't anything more he could do and that i'd now have to wait to the Monday to have it delivered. Said it was not good enough as I needed it asap and took the day off work for it, then spoke with his Manager. The Manager advised me she would call to see if it was possible to have them deliver it in the evening. It was 4.50pm and no call from the Manager still, bearing in mind it's a Friday evening and variete closes at 5pm, therefore I called again and she answered the phone, so I have my doubts if she really is the Manager. She advised me she couldn't get them to deliver it so I would have to wait to Monday. I advised her I needed it before then, and therefore if I went out and bought one would she refund me. She said she would make a decision to refund the carrier fee when it was returned however I could have a refund for the bedstead. I explained to her she was a manager and why is she not capable of making a decision to refund it in it's entirety as there was no logic behind her behaviour but she would not budge on it. She also said she could not contact the courier and have them return it, that I would have to refuse delivery. Therefore I was left in the dark as to whether or not she would actually refund it. I asked to speak to her Manager only to be told that she only works Tuesday to Thursday so would have to wait to then! Also told it was not possible to have her email address!

Afterwards I went online to discover that the courier offer a saturday delivery service which has to be booked through the company who sent the goods, I don't know why the Manager did not offer this as an alternative, maybe because she did not want to spend the extra money. Also noticed that their warehouse was nearby and I could pick it up anytime up to 9pm, again this was not pointed out to me. In the end I drove to the warehouse and picked up the goods myself.

I will never do business with ever again, i have just moved home and have quite a lot of furniture to buy, however I most definitely will not be choosing this company and courier service again.

I strongly dispute the comment which variete have added. I was present all day at my property, and the bell was never rung, nor was a delivery card left in my mailbox. Furthermore variete did not rearrange for the courier to go back out to me the same day, I picked this up from the courier depot at 7pm and fitted it in my car and the delivery record proves this!

09 January 2013

Reply from

Dear Kevin,

We are very sorry to hear that you experienced problems with your delivery. We didn't intend for this to happen and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We checked with the courier and the driver arrived at your home at 3pm but he did not get an answer, he took a photo of your door to show us evidence of this. After you called us we rearranged for the courier to go back out to you and can confirm your bed was delivered at 7pm on the very same day.

Please visit the courier tracking:

We once again must apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Variete Customer Service Team

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