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Scammer heaven.

First of all they ask to much fees. 4% of your sales + an additional 4% if you are not in USA and need to convert money. After that, if you are a honest person than you won't like Paypal. As a seller if someone claim a Paypal dispute for a unreceived item you will lose even if you have a tracking number that shown that the item was delivered. As a buyer, you will win easily if your claim is about unreceived item but if it's for something else like fake item, damaged item, etc than you will lose. All those situations happened to me and no mater how bad you want to fight against scammer you will lose. Your only chance to win is if you received nothing. I can understand some people like Paypal cause if none of the situation I mentioned never happened to them then there's no problem. But as soon as you'ill received a damage or fake item or as a seller if a bad buyer start a claim even after received his item than you will hate them.

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