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Buyer beware!

I took out the much-touted Virgin Media Broadband just over 20 months ago, having lost patience with BT. What a bad move. In the 18 months I had a contract with VM, their broadband service was never remotely as good as advertised and despite notifying their customer services team on numerous occasions, nothing was ever followed up by them. As the the end of the eighteen month contract approached, I decided not to renew and let them know accordingly, but was incensed to discover they were still charging me, despite having given notice. With no response from VM, I contacted my bank and simply cancelled the direct debit and the bank also reimbursed me for the other payment taken. Needless to say, the Hounds of Hell (of Virgin Media) have descended upon me and I am being hunted down for payment they have no right to demand. This is the latest customer discourtesy I have had from them and there isn't enough space here to detail them all, but what potential subscribers should take note of is that the only time I have had any real attention from Virgin Media is when they think I owe them money….and that says it all. The service is half-baked, unreliable and the customer service is laughable. I was only too happy to switch back to BT.

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Good, friendly service, not up their own backsides like some, but could be better

Recent in-store experience - I wanted to buy a new Mesa Boogie Mark V combo amp. Spoke with GuitarGuitar and PMT, both very friendly and helpful. I bought the amp from PMT. Why? PMT actually phoned me back...GuitarGuitar, sadly, did not....


Good range of products, but delivery is slow

As above, product was not very well packaged and took longer than is reasonable to arrive. Difficult to justify paying a delivery charge when it is as slow as this

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