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Ultralase - Precisely what your eyes deserve

I'd actually give them 4 and a half stars (LASEK ELITE)

After doing a lot of research and having consultations with the big names in laser eye surgery, I settled on Ultralase.

My consultation at Nottingham was completely flawless. They were prompt, polite and willing to let me ask questions. When I asked them questions regarding surgeon statistics, complication rates etc they were more than willing to be forthcoming. This I found very reassuring as they didn't have anything to hide and I felt I could make a more informed decision on the surgery.

The deposit was easily paid however setting up the credit agreement was a bit of a pain, although being in the military I understand getting credit is more difficult.

The day of the surgery was very fast, and this is were I downgrade them by a half star. I was fully informed on all possible complications before I went in and all my questions were relating to how to look after my eyes following surgery however I felt like I was on a bit of a conveyor belt. Obviously, there is a limited number of skilled surgeons and they are working out of many clinics so they are trying to get through as many appointments as possible but this gave me a much more impersonal experience than my consultation which I enjoyed for being thorough and relaxed.

The surgery itself was painless and the sensations are difficult to describe but I was very nervous. I was in and out in about 15 minutes and the surgeon confirmed that there were no problems and everything was looking good.

Post surgery is very painful but provided you have a lot of kitchen roll, a dark room and some sleeping tablets, you get through the worst of it in about 6 hours. I'm easily driving standard now (3 weeks on) and am told that I am approaching 20/20. I haven't achieved the WOW factor yet but LASEK is a slower recovery time (20/20 could take up to 6 months) and I still have a drop regime but overall I am very pleased with the purchase. It's too early to say if I will need more corrections but if things carry on the way they are, I probably won't.

Ultralase has been bought over by Optimax so I don't really know how things will change for me in terms of aftercare but I will find out in the new year at my next follow up I expect.

Before you consider surgery I recommend you

1) do a lot of research (most companies will bias their stats in the fine print)
2) ask lots of questions (confirm your information / detect any bullshit)
3) have more than one consultation (that opened my eyes if you'll pardon the pun)
4) ask for statistics on surgeons (most important issue for me)
5) speak to an independent optician (mine gave me excellent advice)
6) don't let cost be the driving factor in your decision

There's no rush to get surgery (even though you will be harassed several times per week to make an appointment under the guise of "how was your consultation?") Find a company/independent you trust, then look at the cost, the surgery is highly unlikely to go wrong, but a bit of homework can help you put your mind at ease.

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