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Ultralase - Precisely what your eyes deserve

I'm so glad I had the treatment, I only wish I'd had the courage to do it years ago!

I had the laser treatment 6mo ago (June 2012). After 30yrs of contact lenses, suffering tired, red eyes with contacts but too vain to wear my glasses I feel like a new woman with my near perfect vision! Perfect for the outdoor sporty person, not having to worry about wind and rain causing lens problems on mountain walks, or cycling. It was amazing on holiday last summer to swim and dive in the pool and sea without having the usual contact lens problem!
The only negatives are that it was extremely painful in the first 12-24 hours (yes, worse than having a baby!), but well worth it! The other niggle is that I sometimes have a problem opening my eyes after being asleep due to the eyelid sticking to the eye's cornea - still have to use eye gel every night to try and prevent this. But again on balance WELL WORTH IT!

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