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Excellent prices, quck despatch and free delivery...

Just re-ordered 2 x 12kg bags of Iams for the dog. They are doing a special offer where the 2nd bag is half price. They lost out on a sale though - despite having dozens of Royal Canin products, I could not find the Urinary Feline s/o so I had to go elsewhere for that.


Like communism - good in theory, not so clever in practice.

Trustpilot makes its money from the online websites not the reviewers with the result there is no option to only look at bad reviews nor even sort reviews; you are stuck with most recent first. They tell me that more recent reviews are the most relevant but what is does mean is my bad review will soon slip off the screen and hopefully (from the vendor website point of view) will never be seen again. This severely limits the usefulness of Trustpilot as far as I am concerned - when a company doesn't get 10/10 I want to know why, I'm big enough and ugly enough to make up my own mind about what is behind the negative reviews but I don't want wade through pages and pages of 5* reviews looking for the bad reviews.

Having said that two emails I sent were answered quickly and politely.

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17 December 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Gwen

Thanks for your review. We appreciate your feedback.

Your descriptions about how we list reviews on a company profile page are correct. Other active users of Trustpilot describe something similar: In general, Trustpilot becomes more useful if users can see some good reviews but also some negative ones and - if possible - how the company manages to deal with negative feedback.

We are currently working on different ways to improve the relevancy. A simple change is to make it possible to sort reviews by star rating. Some initial work has been done on this feature, but it's too early to say when this feature will go live.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev

Did not get what I paid for

I ordered a pair of reading glasses with 1.67 ultra thin lenses as these are recommended for my prescription. What arrived were bottle bottom specs. Extremely thick lenses with opaque edges. Everyone has commented on how thick the lenses look. I immediately contacted customer support and asked to return these for a refund. 3 days later I got a response asking me to photograph the problem - I tried but what is obvious the naked eye does not show up on a photo. Having read a review by another customer who had exactly the same problem and who failed to get a satisfactory response, I have written these specs off to experience and ordered a pair of reading glasses from the same company I got my varifocals from. These came with the thinner lenses I paid for and cost 2/3rds of the price SelectSpecs charged me and failed to deliver on.
I would recommend that anyone with a stronger prescription does not use this company!

Your response indicates that you have not read my review! You imply that I may have given you the wrong prescription. I have said nothing about whether the specs are usable or not, my complaint is I was not given the 1,67 lenses which I had paid for.

17 December 2012

Reply from SelectSpecs

Hi Gwen,

Sorry to hear you're not satisfied. Please note that you didn't respond to our request for a photograph of the problem, if you take a picture from different angles and attach to the ticket we should be able to advise you. If there is a problem we're happy for you to return them to be checked - these were however made to the prescription given to us so may be that was incorrect.

If you respond to our ticket with some further details we will try to help you. We want to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

Kind regards,

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