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Dino PC

Maybe not as swish as more mainstream manufacturers but does what it says on the tin.

The machine arrived well packaged and worked right out of the box, just as it should. I just bought a PC, already had monitor, keyboard etc. There are no frills, the only manual or instructions of any kind is the printed manual that accompanies the motherboard. The various stickers or leaflets that came with the processor and memory modules were in the motherboard box together with the motherboard disc and Windows disc, this lot was in the box with the computer. The computer is not cluttered with trial software, just Windows. The absence of instructions is a trifle disconcerting but all you really have to be able to do is find the 'On' button, which I am pleased to say I coped with very well. When you switch on for the first time every device goes rushing off to check it is up to date etc. but I suspect all new PCs do this. I downloaded something called Device Manager (I think) but soon realised that I didn't need it as Windows sorted itself out in the end and found the driver for my 11 yr old printer.
It took two weeks to arrive, but that's no more than the website said. I bought the bog standard basic case which is not particularly pretty (previous Dell had a quite slender ivory/cream coloured case) but you can't have everything, Anyway you choose it when you order so you know what it looks like and the dimensions. I would prefer the carriage charge to be included in the price rather than an extra but the overall price is competitve anyway.
Nitpicking aside I have a fast, well spec'd PC that seems to be working fine so far and no reason to believe that it won't continue to do so. The company were helpful when I phoned up with a pre-purchase query and I am very pleased with my purchase. Now how about a nice sticker or something to put on the case to identify it as a Dino?

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