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Do not trust this company.

Yes, received my order, but...

They guarantee 100% that you won't pay duty if you order to Canada. Problem is they're just trying to scam on the declaration.

I ordered a larger order and they had to ship via a courier rather than post, and I wax charged duty.

I contacted them very nicely, and was given some rubbish reply about not always. I pointed out their black and white 100% guarantee.

This went on for a few emails. I finally received their attention when I asked for a return shipping address and told them Visa agreed to reverse the charge if they didn't send me a full refund.

And, get this. They promised me a full refund on the duty, and they STILL had the audacity to short change me, I found this out only when I got my Visa bill, they never made the full refund.

What a bunch of cheap, spiteful people. If you don't want to give something, hey, here's an idea, DON'T PROMISE IT ON YOUR WEBSITE.. I still would have bought it. I just would have been more careful and allowed for import duties.

Never again.

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