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Remotecontrol Express

Great Company

Their Website is detailed and easy to follow and their service equally good.


DPD - Top of the pile

For a long time now I have had a high opinion of DPD, they are the only Couriers who deliver on the button, exactly when they say they will. Monday afternoon I received an email saying an order had been despatched then I saw the reference and the carriers were DPD. I looked on their website and found a department called 'Makeitright' whose task was to deal with any problems arising regarding deliveries. I e-mailed them and said that I had to be at the Hospital from 10-1pm the next day and most likely would have to be back there the following day as well, could they please arrange an afternoon delivery for me. They promised a firm answer within 90 minutes! They didn't quite make that time because all their searching revealed that the parcel had been notified but not received by them so, unfortunately, it would not be delivered the next day. They had obviously taken my request to heart because when they received the parcel late on Monday evening they put it out for early delivery and it arrived in my hands at 9am before I went to the Hospital. That was a very exceptional happening and I now rate DPD higher than Royal Mail used to be fifty years ago but whom, today, I would not award one star. Thank you DPD.


Changing situations? No problem!

With a slick name like "Gear for Girls I expected something special and I really did get it. The purchase was easy and went well but then, the next morning, I was unexpectedly called away from home which meant there would be nobody here the next day to receive the item. When I called "Gear for Girls" I was told they were within minutes of despatching it but, no problem, they would change the delivery address. Great, gave them my sons address for delivery then called my daughter in law and asked her to accept it for me. Sorry, but she would be away from home tomorrow but OK for the next day. Back on to "Gear for Girls" and again no problem, they would despatch it tomorrow and sure enough it arrived at the address at a quarter to nine the correct morning. That is the sort of service I like!

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