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Think you've bought it online? Think again!

1. Ordered two bottles of perfume on totalling £116 on 09/12/2012 to be collected at a local Boots shop.
2. Receive email on 10/12/2012 informing me that the items would be ready for collection on 13/12/2012
3. Go to collect the items on 14/12/2012 to find that the tills were down. Called back later but the tills were still down.
4. Return to the shop on 17/12/2012 and the staff informed me that they had not received the order.
5. I contact the support and they told me that the items must have been "lost in the system" - sounds familiar?
6. They then inform me that the items are also out of stock, hhmmm.
7. They give me a refund but tell me that it will take 3-5 days to get into my account.

So it would appear that Boots are taking money for stock they don't have.
Now I need to find the perfume to replace the ones I thought I'd purchased in the next 5 days before Christmas.
And during this time Boots have got my money that I need to purchase the items with.

Sorry Boots but you will not survive in todays marketplace with business practices and attitudes such as these.
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