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England v India Broadband Issue

I have just had BT Infinity Option 2 installed along with a new YouView Box.
Since the installation, 8 days ago, 31Gb of my 40Gb limit has been used, but, not by myself, on one occasion 8Gb was used while nobody was in the house and the computer not switched on.
I have been on the phone to an Indian call centre, over this technical Broadband issue, for nearly 2 hours. At one point I was put on hold for 20mins, when he eventually came back he told me he had been talking to another customer, how ignorant is that?
To say this is suppoed to be a technical dept is a joke, the guy didn't have a clue, if the fault wasn't showing on his computer then everything was fine.
I demanded to be put through to to a senior member of staff, this happened after another 10 mins, his attitude was totally disgusting, just repeating what I had already heard. It was totally clear that he wasn't interested in my problem and stating that there was nothing he could do and that the usage was my responsiblity and if I went over my limit I would have to pay!
I went on line and found another number that would take me through to British Customer Services, it worked!
I told the operator that I wanted to cancel my account and they could remove the equipment they had installed.
This very nice lady refused to do this unitl I had explained the reasons for wanting to leave BT after 35 years.
I explained the problem I had with the Broadband and the attitude of the Indian call centre.
10 mins later the fault was found to be a problem with my YouView Box and I was assured that any cost incurred due to usage over my 40Gb limit would not be charged for, I have also checked with the accounts dept who confirmed this.
Would somebody like to explain why a non technical lady in sales/accounts can fix the problem yet the technical experts in India didn't have a clue!

"British" Telecom, I stress "British", should remain "British" and bring back the "British" call centres, this would take away the frustration and stress of having to deal with ignornt Indian morons.

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