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Avoid at all costs. literally

I recently bought items from missguided on the 4th December for my girlffriends Christmas. Payment was taken from my card and as far as I was aware everything seemed fine,

"Thank you for choosing to order at Missguided!.....SUBTOTAL £58.98

All seemed fine until i received an email not long after stating that my payment was flagged as high risk for some reason.

" unfortunately on this occasion your transaction was flagged as a high risk."

In the email, i was asked to send a copy of ID and a copy of a recent bank statement or utility bill.

" "please could you provide us with a copy of ID matching the card holder, such as a driver’s license or passport, along with proof of address in the form of either a recent bank statement or utility bill,"

Now, to begin I have never had my payments flagged as high risk. I use my works address simply becuase i spend most of the week at my work and it is easier for myself. Also, i am not willing to send a copy of any form of ID or bank statement/utility bill over the internet, due to fears of ID theft or wrong doing, and due to a close member of my family being a victim of this because of ID sending over the internet, I am certainly not risking it.

In the email, it also stated that if I did not send any of this information within 7 days, I would be fully refunded,

"If we have not received your proof of ID and address within seven days we will cancel your order and issue a full refund."

I have not received ANY refunds at all and this has been 2 WEEKS.

I did however receive another email stating:

"Apologies for the delay, I have emailed this to the relevant department who will cancel and refund you. They will email you once this has been done."

This was sent yesterday, and yes as I and you expect, absolutely f*** all has been done about this.

I find this extremely infuriating and pathetic. How can any large clothing company really expect people to send copies of ID and utility bills over the internet especially with all of these scams and thiefs who hack into company systems for their own benefit? Do they have any sense?

I also came online to see if there was a phone num,ber for customer service and was completely shocked and dumbfounded to find that there was NONE.

I cannot explain how angry i am about this. And i can assure im probably not the only one who would agree with me in saying that they are pretty skint as it is with buying presents and to have my money taken from me even though it was "high risk" is a complete and utter joke!

I would NEVER recommend this site to ANYONE and will be telling my girlfriend to stick her presents, she will be getting a card and a cuddle and thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04 January 2013

Reply from Missguided

Hi Keith,

We do run a routine security check on all orders, and your order may have been flagged as the shipping address was different to the registered address on your card. We apologise if this in anyway caused offence or upset, as this was certainly not our intention. All information that is sent to our security is handled in the strictest confidence and there would certainly be no misdemeanour.

I have looked into your order and it does appear that the order was closed and fully refunded on the 18-12-2012. If you ever need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best Wishes,
Grace xx

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