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Holy S*** no wonder they are in Administration!!

I ordered a candle Holder and Pendant light for my Wife this Xmas, which arrived in pieces from their online store (looked like the delivery people played football with the parcel) I tried to get a replacement before Xmas but they said they where out of stock. Then went through Customer Service to get a Pick up and refund.

They have now failed to pick up the item THREE TIMES!!! I'm hoping for a new pick up date, but I fear once the items go out of my door, they will dissappear into thin air!

Wow i'm shocked at how incompetent they have been.


Very Cheap but . . . .

Although they were the quickest and cheapest to respond to my quote, they made promises to me on availability and delivery of my Stove & Flue kit which was simply not true. I had several stalled deliveries and drivers ringing me up with incorrect address details. I had to constantly badger the staff and chase them through the entire process to get all the required parts for my Installation date and they still ended up sending me the wrong kit , which luckily my installation chap was able to modify to fit. I have never used another company so i have little to compare with, installing a stove and sourcing all the parts yourself is the most cost effective way of doing this, but be prepared for a headache!

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