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I ordered with Amazon, expecting a decent delivery service - my parcel has been scanned twice at the 'collection depot' since 11pm last night and is due for delivery today, however, it is still not 'out for delivery'. I'm a little shocked to see that amazon use such a poor courier company.

I work for a large online retailer & am part of the team that deal with courier issues - you would not believe some of the things I've heard! Regardless of what the delivery guy said previously, drivers do not do their best, especially if they work for yodel or hermes. They are simply men/women/anyone that owns a vehicle big enough to cart around parcels, they are given a bonus for how many parcels are delivered, but the loophole in this? The bonus s based on signatures obtained, so, Mr Driver knocks, youdont answer, he chucks your parcel over your fence/in a bush/in your wheeli bin & scribbles his own illegible squiggle - he gets a bonus, you get sweet F.A.

The worst part of it is, we, as a company, can only claim for 25-50% of what the item cost as the couriers refuse to take full blame (but we still replace/refund).

Hopefully, my partners Christmas present will arrive on time, if not, luckily I know every courier related trick & procedure!

And CityLink, you really need to think about your online presence & social media based customer service, to not see 1 reply from you on most posts is also very worrying. If enough people complain to Amazon (especially as many pay a hefty monthly fee for unlimited ND deliverys with Amazon Prime), your contract will not last long!

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