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Should be a classed as a scam business

I got a monthly rolling sim only 'One Plan' Contract and assured by Lauren of the UK Sales team that the contract can be cancelled ant any time as long as I give 30 days notice and was told I would be given a £10 discount for the 1st month so that I could trial it. Went to give my notice and was directed to the Indian call centre where I was then given the sales pitch by the cancellations team member (Glen Roderick), but because I listened to the options, rather the refuse and insist on cancellation, was then told I had agreed to a 24 month contract and other services, such as thier exchange programme and that the £10 discount had not been logged on the system but that I should trust them that it would happen if it was said as the calls are recorded. I then insisted that I have the contract cancelled and to log my 30 days notice, which was refused by Glen. I was then told the person didn't think I was me at which point I asked for the supervisor. I was refused to be handed over to the supervisor and was then hit with a torrent of "you will listen to me" speeches by the staff member. I then ended the call and rang again.
This time I spoke to Yashodan and I said no to everything and insisted on cancelling the contract. I was told by him that the contract was cancelled and was given a date when my contract would end and a date of my final bill. I then ring up the next day to find that this request had not taken place.
I have now cancelled it again and hopefully 3rd time lucky. Though I'll check again tomorrow and wait for the bill to arrive. I'll also be speaking to the bank to see fi I can place any blocks on the account to prevent Three taking any more money then they are allowed out of it.

In my opinion, I'll never be using three again except through their pay as you go becaus that was I don;t have to deal with thier customer services.

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Simply Hike

Great service with a smile

Having dealt with a number of outdoor equipment providers in my 12 years working with youth groups on outdoors skills, Simply Hike have a great range together with great prices, but best of all they are happy to talk to you on the phone and sound happy and all my orders have been delivered on time and in good condition. I definately trust them with my future orders even if it means paying a little extra (not that I have to though as they also have a price promise)

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