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No stock, no communication, no service

I placed my order online and paid. After 2 weeks, no delivery, no explaining email. I phoned and was told they were waiting for stock and they'd email me. I waited a week, no email so I phoned. I was told I was in line for an email advising they were out of stock, but I could be refunded and order another item. I was refunded and I did re-order and paid online. No delivery, no explaining email (only waited 1 week this time). I phoned, I was told my order was packed and on the way. It arrived, but only with half my order and without a note of the whereabouts of my remaining items. They're now on my speed dial. I phoned and was told my other half was being packed and sent the following day with an email confirming this. 5 days later, no delivery, no email. I phoned and deja vu, they were out of stock (previous advisor 'misinformed me'). I was told I could be refunded and re-order. I asked for a refund and strangely didn't re-order. I'm told I should wait a week for my refund. Just in case, I'm keeping them on speed dial....and I ordered elsewhere.

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Wendy Beaumont
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