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Excellent source of individual independent crowd reviews

I think Trip Advisor is an excellent source of individual independent crowd reviews of restaurants, hotels, places and events.

Clearly occasionally there is differing views as not everyone has the same experience as people have different standards and the people and places change and evolve.

However as lots of people tend to have the same view there tends to be a common view on quality and with Trip Advisor there is an accountable audit trail and robust business processes to ensure quality standards that remove the extreme bias or rude comments.


Faster than a speeding bullet!

Item, price, service, size, delivery and technology all excellent and works faster than a speeding bullet!

Ultimate Appliances

Faster and more we'll informed than a speeding bullet (well almost) :-)

This is the first time I used Ultimate Appliances. Having done my homework and found the very best price, with free delivery and free collection of the old dishwasher, I took the plunge and ordered on-line at some ridiculous hour on a Sundays......even though I knew they were out of stock and expecting new stock in a few days.

It was easy to check the order status (out of stock on-line).Well then all this estuff and phone calls, voice messaging thing kicks off and I get a provisional spot slot for the 19th December, with a message that with Christmas and other things, they are re-engineering their schedules and putting on more slots, so would the 18th suit me?

So we agreed the 18th between 9am and noon.

Got a call from the delivery guys at 9.30am, with an ERA of 9.50am and it was old out and new in by 10am. By two well manned efficient effective real blokes, full of festive cheer.

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