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Shockingly BAD service (CR4P!)

I ordered a kitchen radiator complete with valves on 16 August 2013 from BestHeating.com, with a delivery time of 2-3 days. A week later (23 August 2013), I was still waiting on my delivery, so contacted the "Contact Us" number and waited …… and waited ….. and waited. After 15 minutes, I hung up and sent an e-mail (I am still waiting for a response to this e-mail, over 2 months later).

I tried to call the "Contact Us" number a few times unsuccessfully, and eventually called the Sales Line …… my call was answered within 30 seconds! The person I spoke with, was unable to tell me what the status of my order was, but said that he would pass the matter on to a "Manager", who would call me back. As with the original complaint, I am still waiting for the call back!

After a number of phone calls, on 26 August 2013, I finally spoke to someone in the organisation, who informed me that the product I had ordered was out of stock, but was due back in on 28th August and would be shipped to me by the end of that week (Friday 30th August 2013). On 30th August, I finally received e-mail notification that my order had shipped and would be with me in 2-3 days! On Sunday 1 September, I sent an e-mail to BestHeating / TrueShopping to cancel the order and requesting a full refund. I received no "acknowledgement" of that e-mail either , even though I was able to address the e-mail to a "Sales Representative" and a "Manager" within TrueShopping (surprise, surprise)!

My radiator finally turned up on Tuesday 3 September, in late afternoon …… minus the thermostatic valves - therefore as "much use as a chocolate frying pan"! Having already cancelled the order, I did not "accept" the delivery. Almost 9 (NINE) weeks later, I am still waiting on a refund. Normally I would not "broadcast" such a poor review, but this is such an unbelievably BAD service, I feel that I have little choice - and will hopefully prevent someone else making the same mistake I have???

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BigBus Tour, London

The idea is great and the commentary, especially the live commentary, is excellent. Loved being able to jump on and off at will and the two day package. The weather was cold and wet, which detracted from the appeal, and the bus we picked up at Madam Tussauds had NO HEATING,which in early December, was an EPIC FAIL. There were also significant issues with the bus NOT running after 16:30 in the evening, when the last tour was scheduled to finish at 19:00. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this as a way to get a good overview of London.

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