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My parcel, for which I paid good money to be delivered (ebay purchase) was sent straight to a post office 2 miles away when I missed the delivery by 15 minutes. The card that s put through my door indicated that there were other options, like leaving it with a neighbour, or redelivering the next day. But that would be too much like hard work for parcelforce. They just dump all non deliveries to POs on their rounds, leaving you to pick them up at your own time and expense. Being 7 months pregnant and without a car it was a little difficult for me to do that. I called them to ask why they had done this but all I got was an automated service. I held on and finally got to speak to somebody, but I shouldn't have bothered. The advisor was cocky and rude. He told me that the sender, the ebay seller, had specified that my parcel go to a PO. I checked this and it was not true. I complained via the webform but got no response. Parcelforce's policy on redeliveries is very unclear both on its website, on its automated telephone service and via its staff. Eg on the automated service I was told it could be redelivered if it has been sent to a PO, and I pressed the buttons to authorise this, but when I spoke to someone they told me it was not possible. The website also carries conflicting information. But most importantly, no-one explains WHY everything gets sent to a PO if you are not in, instead of them trying again or leaving it with a neighbour. You've paid for it to be delivered to your home address after all! Furthermore parcelforce is an UNREGULATED company so they can basically do what they want. You can complain multiple times and they wild simply ignore you. It's an absolute disgrace. Just don't give them your money or trust them with your things. JUST DON'T.

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