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PayPal is a colossal ripoff!!! It's not what it used to be!

I am done with eBay and PayPal. I haven't sold anything via eBay (and PayPal for probably a year). Used to do it quite frequently. I used to enjoy it and never experienced any problems.
I wanted to have a little extra cash for Christmas, so sold some perfume via eBay (as I have done many times before). Offered free shipping to drive up my sales. Sold one for $26.00 and one for $30.00.
I had numerous problems because my eBay and PayPal weren't linked. Got that taken care of. Got an email that I needed to ship items. eBay stated that payment was processing. I read that monies were completed on the buyer end and it was okay to ship. I also read that if shipping done through eBay/PayPal, it would come out of funds paid from sale and at a discount.
Long story short, I got an email today that my bank was rejecting attempts from PayPal to withdraw funds for the shipping. I called, spoke to someone with limited command of English, and I am to understand that money will be available up to 21 days from date payment cleared.
Fees from eBay, fees from PayPal, $13.00 via PayPal for shipping, payment cleared, but I won't get my money til God knows when. I'm pissed. I feel like I got screwed by eBay and PayPal and I won't use them again.
They can hold their customers money for up to 21 days (which has cleared and is in their possession). I guess you hold all customers funds long enough, it can add up to a pretty penny in interest. It's crooked, it's wrong and I don't have to do business with them anymore and I won't. It was good while it lasted, but it ain't good anymore. It stinks!

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