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try being in there shoes

Read bout 50 reviews bout staff being moody or stressed or what ever crap, but have you considered whats it like to be them, under pressure to hit targets as soon as there shift starts so with in a few hrs of being moaned at by the management they are gona be a bit grumpy (lets face it so would we) then on top of that they polite telling people they cart have a refund and explain why to be met by verbal abuse and in some cases violence and threats (look up 1979 trading standers act that's what the company uses)

so here's my review i have shop in 4 sport directs in my area and no what i found it was good granted yes a bit understaffed and the staff was stressed by the time he got to i me but i had a laugh and treated him like a human and you know what it was great customer service, he even thank me for taking the time to be so understanding and have a talk bout what the Liverpool score was.

so have some advice don't get moody with the staff and try and see how things are for them you mite find smiling and trying to have a joke with them may relaxes them and make them more helpfull.

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