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Inaccurate itinerary and still haven't fixed it

10 days before my holiday trip I logged in to double check my itinerary and print a copy. Our flight was supposed to have one stop in Atlanta, but the flight out was missing and the flight back was also missing. According to the online itinerary, we would be stranded in Atlanta since only two flights were logged and they both entered the city without connections out of that airport. I called customer service and was told that this was a temporary glitch on the website since they were performing some maintenance. The agent on the phone gave me the full itinerary over the phone and emailed me a new one. All of this is fine... except that one week later I logged in again and it was still a mess. Except this time there were only flights leaving Atlanta and none arriving. I've printed out the correct itinerary that I originally got and I'll probably have to call them again to confirm this. But I'm extremely disappointed that a travel agency with an entirely online business model would flub so severely on a bread and butter aspect of their service. How am I to trust that when I get to the airport I won't suddenly discover that I don't have a seat? Or worse... if I get to Atlanta and then discover I'm stuck?

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