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Safestyle UK

safestyle lack integrity, they are nothing but the builders you see on TV channel 5 chasing bad guys! 5! .

Do not let safestyle play with your mind. Be aware that some positive reviews clearly sound as if they were written by safestyle marketing team.
here is the truth about my experience with them (I have emails and phone call records):
Sales rep gave us OK price (though was not the cheapest).
Surrey took place and we were looking forward for new door.
I read some reviews online warning that Safestyle tend to ask for more money on top of previously agreed quote. Safestyle has done exactly same thing to us, just before Christmase we received phone call from safestyle asking for more money (a lot more). It seemed some sort of physiological game Safestyle play with customers, they ensure the sale is done, deposit was cashed, and survey taken place, then they make customers wait for a week before contacting them to ask for more money.
We asked to speak to manager, it took 3 working days plus weekend to speak to the manager (top level manager can't be named for legal reasons) - we believe he was avoiding us as part of the physiological game, and when we managed to speak with him, he sounded nothing like manager but rather like a ‘bad’ builder (of course I couldn't use anything else to describe bad builders, but if you watch channel 5 then you will know what I mean !!) any way this manager has no manner, takes things personal, very much inviting for a fight, and very much careless about customer satisfaction.
Safestyle think it is xmas then customers might be desperate to get things sorted, and just agree for the extra money Well, they were wrong !
I wrote to them asking for my deposit back (on Monday morning), but then they called us after about 6 hours to talk about the sale and aggravate me further. I asked the person who called whether he was aware of my email and he did receive the name of person to make refund cheque payable to, he said he was aware of email but he still has to call me because his manager (top level manager) did instruct him to call. Which I found was extremely ‘bad’ behaviour as (top manager) seemed to continue take things personal and instructed his staff to act on his behalf and add further aggravation to customers. Safestyle could have simply avoided aggravating us further and not called us after receiving email.
so simply, I can only call safestyle (including the top level manager dealt with us, as nothing but 'bad' builders !
Also be aware that Safestyle do lack integrity. They only publish positive reviews on their website and hide away all other feedbacks. They did the same to my review.
What is even worse, I read some positive reviews and I couldn’t believe safestyle marketing team appear to be very active by writing positive reviews about themselves. What a low level company safestyle is.
safestyle simply lack integrity and honesty. they know who i am, and this is why i had to involve the police and wrote to safestyle requesting that my bank details and address information removed from their system, fearing on my family after the (top level manager) we spoken to has verbally threatened us during the phone call.
If you want to be treated like customers, avoid dealing with ‘bad’ builders = safestyle'.
Also to mention, I had to take the matter to the watchdog so we get our deposit money back.

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