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Could have done better

I ordered a reworked A travel system from this company. It took a couple of days to be dispatched, and a further day to reach me. There were broken parts on the system which prevented the wheels being attached, otherwise the whole system looked to be new. We decided that we would be quite happy if, rather than sending the whole thing back as defective, the company would simply send us replacements for the broken parts. This seemed a nice simple solution and I would have given this company five stars for their service and their ability to put things right. However, it took two weeks and another email in which I needed to reiterate my consumer rights before they actually bothered to send me the parts, two weeks of looking at my new buggy but being unable to use it. I really wished I'd simply asked them to take it back and requested a chargeback through my card issuer. Based on this experience, I may or may not use this company again (depending on what sort of offers they have) but I could not recommend them as a positive buying experience to others. I'm sure that had I not received broken parts, I would say that I was happy, but it when a customer gets problems that you really highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a company, and they showed their inability to quickly sort out issues and keep customers happy.

Edit: Please see my respinse to you in comments Jason.

26 February 2014

Reply from

Hi Charley,

I can see that you ordered on the 21st January and your order was delivered to your home on the 23rd. That seems pretty good to me! As for the broken parts, we do inspect items before shipping so this might have occurred in transit. I'm sorry to hear that the resolution process took 2 weeks - I will look into this further. I hope that this has now been corrected to your satisfaction.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you,



Amazing eliquid, flavourings, products, and a totally committed customer service

I've made a few orders from this company now and they are just superb. If they had everything I wanted, they would be the only company I would use for e-cigarette mods, atomisers, and e-liquid supplies!
Their eliquid is not only top quality and amazing flavours, but it's also the cheapest out there. In fact, you'll be pushed to find any of their products at a better price.
Their customer service is the best I've come across from any e-cigarette company, and that's speaking from over four years' of using e-cigarettes.
I can only say that if you've come across their site and you're reading this review wondering whether to buy from them... you'd be a fool not to!
I love this company and their products and I think theyre getting a very rapid huge fan base because everyone who's used them, loves them!


Prompt, friendly service

This company offers exceptional service, speedy dispatch and delivery, friendly customer services and outstanding quality on their products. I can highly recommend them in all respects. Definately a company to use for all e-cig products!

Totally Wicked ELiquid

Terrible service on returns

This is a review for Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarettes UK E cigs E liquid - lead title on this page for this company is not quite correct.

The ethos held by the customer service personnel of this company are not honest nor do they bear integrity.

We had to return a faulty product. They admitted it was faulty but tried to give us a credit note instead of a refund (which was for a whopping £163!).
They then tried to make us pay Paypal fees to refund via Paypal then allegedly 'lost' our refund via the bank.
Throughout all this hassle, we ran up a good sized phone bill in contacting their 0845 number and to add insult to injury they have ignored all requests to pay the returns postage, something they are required to do by law in the case of faulty goods.

I used to vehemently defend this company, having used them since January 2009. I ignored all the warnings of bad service splattered across the forums of the e-cig world. Not any more! Like many other customers, I will speak how I find and add my voice to the growing number of disappointed, disgruntled, let-down customers.

There are loads of other really excellent companies out there who do not make a farce out of a simple returns procedure, so my advice is to use them instead. And avoid dealing with Scarlett if you have any issues as she really couldn't care less, I suspect she stands as the company Rottweiler for complaints.
I cannot believe what happened to us even now.

It is hard to make any sort of complaint about TW's service on any electronic cigarette forum in the UK because the company upset so many customers that they were slated across every leading electronic cigarette and vaping forum/community. This led to threatened litigation, the closure of one major forum, and the gagging of many disgruntled customers. I am all for civilised, honest reviews and the things said against the owner of this company were disgraceful. But it has in my opinion also gagged HONEST feedback and allowed Customer Services to up themselves to tenfold of the appalling, uncaring, shoddy and slack service they were accused of 10 months ago. And people cannot speak out about this, so the Customer Services 'team' become even more comfortable in their bad work!

Totally Wicked, I do hope you read this. I pushed Lord knows how many people your way, without ever taking a penny of your affiliate 'recommendation' scheme. I did it because I was happy with what you provided. But how can I ever recommend a company who try to rip people off? We are left out of pocket by £20 for postage and phone calls and I have a further £20 of unused Odyssey cartomisers, that will now never be used. This whole debarcle set us back £40 and a lot of stress over what was supposed to be my Christmas present. Never a true apology from you, even. I really have little wonder that people set upon the company last year.


Very positive buying experiences

I came across flubit in a forum post; somebody had made. They'd managed to get a better deal. Curious, I signed up and requested a better deal to one by a popular retailer - a dealI didn't think they'd be able to better. But flubit did! Within a day I'd saved another 15% on an already good price. The parcel arrived within a few days, and was from a very reputable source. I've since used flubit another two times and saved several pounds.
The service from flubit is unique. You give them the url to the deal you'd like to see a better price on, and they reply to you within two days with their own price. You don't get to know who it is they're dealing with on your behalf, so you don't know who will be sending you the deal. If you agree to the price (there's no pressure), you pay by paypal. Flubit let you know when the item is dispatched, which is within three days in my experience. The deals I received have been sent from top companies at a fraction of their online prices.
I simply cannot fault flubit and will be using them exclusively to find better deals from now on.

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