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if we could get out now and not lose money I would....Hassel after hassel

I am presently trying to get an issue solved with Edreams as the airline changed one of our connecting flight scedules which makes it impossible to connect at all. About six weeks ago after recieving automatically generated notification of the change I emailed Edreams about it. After a long wait and two more written attempts with no reply, I rang. They promised to find alternatives and get back by email in 2 or 3 days....6 days later and three more phone calls one after the other, ( thankfully using cheap skype as we are in Asia) left us still with no results and the excuse that they are waiting to hear back from airline about options. Told to wait another day or two. Rang again tonight, they tried again to directly ring airline while I waited, no success..... Meanwhile we now less than three weeks till flights out, alternative prices are going up and up. About ready to call it quits, cancel and find alternatives, but still hedging due to losses and 4 to 6 week wait they mention to get money put back onto credit card...... Won't be quick to use these guys again even if it does work out, and will tell friends to avoid them. The phone service personnel have generally been ok apart from one semi rude one, but the overall service is terrible. I did ask to speak to a manager, but not possible they said. Wish I had thought to check these reviews before making the mistake of booking with Edreams!!!!

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