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Have never heard of studiospares, nor ordered from them, but they demand me to send something that i have supposedly ordered from them?

So basically, i just got home today, put the kettle on, and the doorbell rings, he says there is something to collect from a company called studiospares
bearing in mind that i have never heard or even ordered from this company, anyway, i ask the dpd man what this thing he is supposedly meant to pick up was? He doesn't know, so i said to him i will contact this sttudiospares

I contact studiospares, and they said that it may be an error on their end, and that they would ring me back by the end of the day, well they are still yet to contact me...
so not very good service...

what i am really worried about is how they got my address and details, and why they are are telling me to send back something that i have never ordered from???


Utter crap!

Every single parcel that i have ever had from them has never been on time. I had ordered one parcel for my dad's birthday, paid £20 extra for 24 hour delivery, and it took 10 days, the reason why, they were trying to deliver it to the complete wrong address even though it had the right address on the parcel. One of my friends also ordered a parcel and it came with yodel, and it was found outside on the front lawn, the product ordered was electrical, and it was on a rainy day, once opened the product didn't even work, whos fault???



Before you buy it, make sure you Flubit it!!!

Well What to say about flubit...

Normally when reviewing a company, i say pros and cons, then a conclusion as to recommend the company or not, however with flubit, i really can't see any reason to buy anywhere else

Flubit allows you to get pretty much anything cheaper, you may only be saving a few £££ but really, why pay more i ask???

I have bought so much off flubit and really can fault it, over the cost of the things that i have bought i have saved hundreds!!!!- YES HUNDREDS!

The process of ordering is also very easy, you first need to sign up- very quick takes a maximum of 5 mins, you are then free to get products cheaper, this is also very easy, you put the name of the product e.g. new computer monitor, you then copy and the link of where you want to get the product cheaper, you then paste the link in to flubit, and they do all the hard work for you. Just a thing to note, their customer service is great- A++++ you really can't fault it!

When they provide you with a cheaper price, you can pay with paypal (or paypal guest) so it is completely safe!

Overall, i really can't see why you would buy products off anywhere else, this website is great!


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