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Superb service as usual!

Had my preorder with ShopTo for a while for the Ni No Kuni Wizards Edition. It arrived the night before official release by courier (using DPD - which is far better than Yodel!) and as usual, their website and everything is easy to use and navigate.

Can't recommend them enough for any gamer.


Utterly appalling service

I'd ordered a Christmas gift which much to my annoyance was dispatched via Yodel to me. 8 days after it was dispatched, i get my first card through the door saying that they've attempted 3 deliveries and that i'd need to collect the item from the Aberdeen depot.

This is news to me as I haven't had a single card through the door or anyone coming to the house trying to deliver in this time. I make my way up to the Aberdeen depot (some 6 miles from home) and hand over the card. During this time 2 other people have been told in the queue that they don't know where their parcels are and that they might have been dropped off at another location but they wouldn't be able to tell us where as it "isn't as secure as we like it to be" so the item may (or may not) be somewhere in Aberdeen but nobody seems to have a clue where it is.

I almost lost the plot at hearing this but when told my parcel couldn't be found, I gave my mobile number and a delivery address that I could confirm that there would be someone there all day all week for a collection. I also asked why this was the first card and she told me that it was because "the drivers are overloaded and can't complete deliveries in a day so when it comes back, its treated as not having been delivered". Clearly I do not understand why this is a problem I should even be made aware of and this is something that they need to address.

I'm appalled and I'm sure the supplier of the items I've ordered will be equally as concerned if they believe that packages are being held insecurely outside of the depot. I asked for the card back as this is the only reference of the consignment number I had and she couldn't return it as she'd lost it in the 20 minutes she was in the back storage area!

I'm now left with having to try to deal with the twitter support staff as I can't get through to customer services without a valid delivery card number, and I've no idea how to contact the Aberdeen depot directly (not that it would help as they were extremely blunt and rude to the people in the queue despite nobody giving them any reason to be stand off-ish and hostile) and now I don't know if this item is going to arrive before Christmas - 10 days have passed since it was picked up from the supplier.

Sufficed to say, I am now at a point where I will NEVER be ordering a product from someone using Yodel as a delivery service.

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