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UK Mail

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This firm is run by a clown who wants to take over letter deliveries in the UK- this is a firm that has no customer service available apart from a normally dead phone line. If you are lucky enough to get through, you will not be offered any solution to the problems they create, I have just been told that the package they were supposed to deliver is in their Norfolk depot, but they have no idea how or when it could arrive in Croydon to be delivered. (paid for next day delivery- now four days late).
Their website is full of cheerful promises, and the grinning face of the director- why don't we all email him at guybuswell@ukmail.com and let him know what a total t*at we think he is- I did, and it relieved the stress a little....
I will now cancel the order, and buy the product elsewhere. A customer lost to the firm that uses UK Mail, and I will never consider buying from them again.

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