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City Link

Sh*tty Link worth no stars at all!

Ordered a bike on Monday but wanted to return to sender so went online to request return to sender on tracking page. 2 surprises; apparently they had called and nobody was at home on Tuesday, when I had been in all day. And secondly they then delivered the bike on Friday despite it clearly stating it was going back to sender. I made the mistake of ordering a second item on Thursday which should have arrived Friday but did not. I called on saturday and was informed that it didn't get scanned at depot until Fri evening so I let them off and explained situation regarding unwanted bike they had delivered and was told that they would collect the bike and drop off the new one on Monday (easy enough surely?). So Monday came and went and no courier, no contact and 30min waiting on phone that evening to explain situation again. I was then assured that my new bike would be delivered and older bike picked up on Tuesday. So Tuesday came and went and no bike and no contact so I called again and also emailed to get a callback that morning which is yet to happen. I was told this time that my bike was held by the depot for no given reason and that no notes had ever been added to request pick up of older wrongly delivered bike. I had enough by this point and requested the line manager to call me back and tell me my bike was being collected so 20 minutes later I got a call (yay?). The chap told me I would have to contact sender to re-arrange collection and that there was a back-log at the depot and would I like to go pick the item up! I pointed out the fact that they 'deliver' and that they should simply pick the bike up since as they cocked it up. I have now contatced Sender as I have no customer power and was reminded that since as (no lie)I was not Amazon that they would not sort this almighty debacle for me. So the sender is now attempting to sort this issue out.

Avoid at all costs, I will never order an item that is being delivered by City-link again!

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