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Customer Service is HORRIBLE

Ordered pictures on Thursday, Dec. 13th. Paid for expedited service (1 day processing), and two day shipping. This should put the pictures in my hands no later than Wednesday, Dec. 18th. Today, I checked tracking status and found they weren't shipped until Tuesday Dec. 17th (3 business days later). The only reason I paid for expedited shipping is because I had to have the pictures TODAY but, according to UPS, they just left PA this morning so they won't be here!

What should I do? Well, first I'll call and get a credit for the expedited shipping, then go to WalMart and print them. Easy, right? No. The lady I talked to in Customer Service informed me that they can't do 1 day expedited shipping around the holidays. Okay, I say, then just credit me back the money I paid for it since you can't do it. No, she says, it's the holidays and we're too busy to be able to do that and we're not even offering expedited shipping now. Oh, well you were offering it on Thursday when I ordered so I expected nothing different so I'd like a credit for the expedited service. I was flatly told No so I tell her my only recourse is to dispute this with my credit card. She says "Do what you have to do".

WOW!!! Whatever happened to customer service. I'm not a huge customer but my wife and I recently had a baby so I expect our picture buying is going to increase dramatically and I know that I will NOT be buying from here anymore. Just wish I had read some of these other unsatisfied customer comments here before I decided to do business with you. The theme I'm seeing here is this...Everything is great as long as you deliver on time. But if there's ever a problem, and customer service gets involved, the experience decays rapidly.

As it stands, I'm disputing the entire order based on breach of contract. It would've been easier to credit me the $10.

UPDATE 1/15/13 - Adorama did refund my expedite fee. Thank you, Helen.

15 January 2013

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I was extremely concerned to read that this was your experience, and firstly please accept my deepest apologies for the frustration this has been causing.

I'm not surprised to read that you are extremely unhappy with the lack of service - in your position I have little doubt that I would be feeliong the same way.

I'd welcome the opportunity to resolve this for you but am unable to ID your order.

Could you please email me directly: with your order number and details of the person you were speaking to, and I can promise you this will have my immediate attention.

Once again my apologies, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador.

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