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Overclockers UK

The only shop where I purchase my computer parts from

Just like to say a few words about Overclockers.co.uk and Staff.

1st of all Overclockers.co.uk have been my number one shop for purchasing computer products for over the last 8 years or so and I can’t see that changing anytime for foreseeable future. Most of their offers can’t be beaten there are so many unbeatable deals at exclusive and competitive prices.

Yes you can find the same products elsewhere though you don’t get the same satisfaction knowing if anything goes wrong with your purchase Overclockers.co.uk will be there to offer you help via their online forum where you will find a friendly community who will try and give help with any of your questions, be it computer related or day to day life. If you would prefer to be answered privately then you could always phone their customer support line.

I have recommended Overclockers.co.uk to several of my friends and family over the years and they’ve been happy with the outcome.

Now to their staff who I have had a few help me over the years but one guy who stands out above the rest to me is James Bailey, this gent won’t stop until he’s satisfied that your happy with the product you purchased is working 100% and your happy with this.

I purchased a 23in monitor a couple of months after 2 days of purchase the monitor started to falter which I sent back to the manufacturers who fixed the problem. Though 3 weeks after having it repaired the same symptoms appeared so I contacted the manufacturer again telling them I wanted the monitor replaced but was unhappy with what I was told so I then contacted Overclockers.co.uk this is when James took over.

James being the excellent support agent agreed with me that the monitor should be replaced and offered to replace the monitor directly via Overclockers.co.uk this made me once again happy.

This is only the 2nd time I have had a problem with a product I purchased from Overclockers.co.uk in all the years I have been using them as my main pc supplier and both times James Bailey has helped and sorted both problems out for me with ease.

Nothing more I can say about Overclockers.co.uk only
Products = Too many to choose from.
Staff = Excellent, friendly and stick to their word.
Outcome = the only shop where I purchase my computer parts from.

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