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As you've already gathered if you're reading this

You've been a victim of the worst delivery company in Britain according to this website. Amazon employ them and should be ashamed. I ordered a camera with next day delivery as I go on holiday on Saturday. The liars that are HDNL / Yodel claim they tried to deiver it yesterday. They didn't as my office is open 24 hours. No card, nothing. You can't even contact them. I've been on with Amazon and have managed to negotiate a refund after 45 minutes on the phone. I won't have the refund for at least 3 days, which is after I go on hoilday. No camera and no money. I reckon everynoe who comes on here should send their info to the BBC, a rogue traders special on HDNL, or watchdog, or even Crimewatch.... HDNL are complete and utter bullsh1tters. 0 / 10

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