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If you can read this - then you can use Recruit So Simple.... it really is a game changer!

I have been recruiting for over 8 years now and have had the "pleasure" of using and testing all the reputable Recruitment CRM systems in the UK. There was always "something" that didn't work and had to be adapted.... In EVERY instance we ended up changing our recruitment process to fit the CRM system.

Now.....Recruit So Simple.... what can I say... for the very first time in 8 years, I can recruit my way. They have taken all the best ideas and made the use of them so simple, that I was able to roll this out to my company and gain 100% enthusiastic adoption from day one!

It just a logical and efficient way....recruiters can just do what they do best and not become glorified administrators... freeing up their time to do the fun stuff and actually speak with candidates/clients, and never having to try and keep in their heads - whatever they must try to remember - just dump those thoughts into Recruit So Simple - and move on to the next call.

Now a system is only really as good as its support and ongoing development... This is where the team at Recruit So Simple are OUTSTANDING.... any issue is dealt with very quickly... I am not talking weeks to change or implement a suggestions... sometimes it's just minutes....and they are always open to suggestions about improvements, but more importantly...they actually act on them.

In my 8 years of recruiting, there has always been "something" not quite right about the CRM package being used for recruitment.... be it having to adapt the recruitment process to fit, major retraining and poor adoption from staff (who all hate change) or lack of genuine support or interest in you as a client after you have signed up!

Recruit So Simple - just is. Easy to use.... total support......genuine interest in you as a client.....and most of all.... stops recruiters being administrators and allows them to generate more £££'s

Oh... and to top it all.......monthly contract.... so if you ever felt that it wasn't working for you (which would be a surprise...), you are not stuck in an annual contract and can just stop.

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