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Money For Your Phone

Dreadul -don't use!

Good first experience meant I was happy to use them again. This time sent in iphone 3gs which had been my husband's 2nd phone so not used that much, always had screen protector and kept in case. Told it was worth £71 but then they reduced that to £43 because of significant scratching. I pointed out all of the above and told them I had photographed it before I sent it in plus had wrapped well in bubble wrap and used padded envelope. They revised offer to £50 and said oh we meant the scratching was on the back of the phone. I asked for a photo to prove it and they said they could not provide one due to the high number of orders. Having spent over £6 sending it special delivery it's just not worth getting it back and trying somewhere else as if they've scratched it I have no chance and I'd have to pay again to send it. My own photos of the back aren't great quality (wish I'd taken more time now taking them and typical that the photo of the screen shows it is fine) and they are not willing to discuss anyway as have said only options are accept the £50 or they'll return the phone. I'm convinced they do the first order at the price they quote to hook you in then get you like this on subsequent orders.

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