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Staggeringly poor service backed up by even poorer Customer Service.

15th January 2013. - Thought I'd just post a quick update to let you all know how Andy from DPD went above and beyond his duty to deal with my recent problems. Unfortunately, he still hasn't bothered to contact me so I have no update!
It would appear that DPD trawl these forums and offer to assist the hundreds of people they're screwing over with their poor service but then do nothing about it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012
Staggering incompetence
My partner bought a gift online, received a tracking number and was impressed that she could track it online, impressed that she received comprehensive updates via SMS and was impressed that she was given a 1 hour delivery slot.
Unfortunately, she is impressed no more. The 1 hour delivery slot came and went and, needing to go out, we called the Rushden depot at 18:30. We were advised that our parcel was back at the depot and that it was unclear as to why. After explaining that we needed to go out, I specifically asked if the parcel would be delivered that night. No was the immediate answer. I was advised that I would be called back before the depot closed at 21:00.
At 20:50, having not received the promised call-back, I again rang the Rushden depot. Speaking to the same person as before, and receiving no apology for the lack of call-back, I was advised that the parcel went back out for delivery and as there was no one home, we were yellow carded! We could select an alternative day for delivery but as we were both going back to work the next day and they couldn't guarantee a delivery slot, this was not suitable. We were then offered the option of having it left with a neighbour but this wasn't acceptable to us. They refused to leave it with my Mum in the next street so we were left in limbo. Eventually, I was passed to the depot manager who I won't name but will go on record as saying I found him one of the most arrogant, obnoxious and unhelpful people I have spoken to in some time. After 5 minutes of complete refusal to offer any suitable solution I politely told him my opinion of his attitude. He then suddenly offered to have the parcel delivered today before 10:00.
Needless to say, 10:00 came and went without our parcel arriving.
I have spent a further hour or so this morning calling the depot without any answer. I have spoken to DPD Customer Services who cannot reach the depot and have no record of any of my conversation with the depot manager. Even the supplier is trying to contact the depot without any joy.
Meanwhile, the tracking website has just updated and they are going to attempt our delivery this afternoon despite being informed that no one will be there.
It is fair to say, I am at my wits end and am struggling to comprehend how a business ran in this manner continues to operate.
I shall update if and when a resolution is reached.

It is now 1pm on 22-12-12 and still we have no parcel. Despite customer services upgrading it to a Saturday before 1pm delivery. The incompetence bar is being raised on a daily basis!

UPDATE: 01-01-13

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Friday, December 21, 2012
Reply from DPD UK
Hi Shane,

I'm extremely sorry to hear of the problems you're experiencing with your delivery.

Could you email with your parcel reference number and contact phone number please and I'll look into this for you.

Many thanks,

Andy. Delete | Edit

17 January 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Shane,

I'm really sorry to hear about these issues and that we have not dealt with your queries in a speedy fashion. I really want to get this resolved for you. Can you please email with your parcel reference number (full delivery address if you don't have a parcel number) and your phone number. I'll get this fully investigated, and ask for a member of our customer services team to call you with a full update.

Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards,


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