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Powerhouse Fitness

Still shocking service levels and they couldn't even be bothered to return messages

Placed an order for in stock items and paid. All ok so far. A few days later I get a message about all 5 products being out of stock. Hmmm odd, I wouldn't have placed the order had I known they weren't available. Anyway moving on I wait 2 weeks and nothing so I phone and leave a message as no one answered. Thought ok. Waited a few day and still no reponse. Starting to get annoyed now. Phone again and leave another message. Wait 3-4 days and still nothing. Feeling like I've been robbed at this stage due to a lack of responses. Anyway phone again and get through so ask where/when my products will be delivered as they were due now from the email they sent and was told ah no they won't be arriving to us until the end of the week then they need to leave our site for you. OK, we're getting somewhere! Another week passes and still nothing and again no communication so I phone again. Get someone who says ah yes the remaining items aren't due in for another 10 days.

During all of this they ask me to review them, stating please only leave good feedback. Strangely enough I didn't feel like leaving a good review as frankly they are an awful company to have dealt with. So I go to leave a negative but fair review, to find out that their third party reviewing company refuse to post it. ow I'm really sensing that I've been conned as they not been up front of their website and if anyone had left some honest reviews I would probably not have seen them. Are they even allowed to blatantly keep honest reviews from being posted so we all think the sun shine etc etc...

Cancelled my order today and don't plan to use them again. They aren't trustworthy whereas someone like <external link removed> have always been spot on.


Resonable experience when buying the machine and they were helpful when it came to the right build.

All in all a good experience and the unit shipped on time. It does however have an issue with the sound where it keeps thinking a jack is being unplugged and plugged back in. I've not spoken to them about it so not sure how they would respond and I've just disabled the notifications that windows kept giving me as it was disturbing which ever program I was using. I would have preferred that this had been spotted after the build but before the shipping but its not stopping or causing any real problem for now.

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