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Cash Generator

[Name Removed] in the Wood Lane store is dishonest.

I placed an order for an Xbox 360 on the 12th December. I received an automatic email the same day to say the item had been shipped (which was suspect in itself to be honest as not many companies are that efficient.) On the 18th December I had still not received my parcel. I called the Wood Lane store which had been identified in the email as the store my Xbox was coming from. I spoke with the store manager, [Name Removed], and asked if I could get the tracking number for the parcel. She said she would call me back with it. She didn't call back, and so I called again at which point [Name Removed]told me she had tracked it and it was out for delivery. She advised that Citylink are very busy at this time of year so it might be delayed, and said to call her back on Thursday (20th) if I still hadn't received it. She didn't give me a tracking number but I was satisfied with her response. By Thursday (today) my parcel had still not arrived. I called [Name Removed]and asked for the tracking number. She said she had the screen up in front of her and it still said 'out for delivery.' I pushed for the tracking number, at which point she said her computer was running slow and that she would call be back within a few minutes. Half an hour later I still hadn't had a call, so I rang her. I was told by another staff member that she was busy and would call me back, but I insisted on holding. After a while [Name Removed]then came on the phone and finally gave me a tracking number. I hung up and tracked the parcel. The tracking number was invalid, so I called [Name Removed]again. She assured me it was the correct tracking number, saying she had the print out of the consignment in front of her. I then called Citylink and waited on hold for 30 minutes to get through to an advisor. While I was waiting, I checked the tracking number on the Citylink website again and this time it worked - however, it came up that a collection that had been arranged 15 minutes previously. To add insult to injury, it was being posted to my BILLING address, despite having put the CORRECT delivery address into their website. Once I got through to Citylink they confirmed that the collection was being made from the Wood Lane store the same day and had only been arranged about 25 minutes previously. So what actually happened was this:

- I get an order confirmation and shipping confirmation of the order on 12th December.
- Cash Generator Dagenham somehow forget to send my parcel.
- I call on the 18th and am fobbed off by [Name Removed]who obviously can't be bothered to check the details of my order and lies to me, telling me that my parcel is out for delivery.
- I call back on the 20th and am advised that the parcel status is still 'out for delivery' on the Citylink system. I push for the tracking number and am told I'll get a call back.
- After this phone call, [Name Removed]arranges for my Xbox to be collected by Citylink. She manages to get the consignment number just before I manage to get through to her on the phone.
- I try this consignment number but it won't work because it is probably too new to be in the system yet. I call back and am assured it's the right one - which it is, because [Name Removed] literally just created it.
- I then spend 30 minutes of my time on the phone to Citylink trying to understand what has happened to my £86 parcel. I also discover that [Name Removed]is about to send the parcel to my old address. I finally get the truth from Citylink.
- I call [Name Removed] to ascertain if in fact she has only just arranged to send my parcel, 8 days after I ordered it, and she continues to lie. She tells me that she definitely didn't arrange the collection today. She also pretends that she doesn't have the correct shipping address - she only has my billing address (and that the confirmation email that I received detailing the correct delivery address comes from head office and so is nothing to do with her... I struggle to understand why this is relevant).
- I give up and ask for a refund, and hope that I can find another used Xbox for my boyfriend's Christmas present within the next few days.

I am furious. I don't mind mistakes being made - I would have accepted it as one of those things - but I am incensed as to why [Name Removed]thinks that lying so transparently to customers is in any way appropriate. I don't think I've ever received such appalling customer service and will absolutely never use Cash Generator again. I will also make sure that anyone I know who is thinking of ordering from them is warned. How is it possible to have any faith in a company if their staff are totally dishonest?

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