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The Whisky Exchange


Have used a few times now. Despite living in london and having access to some great shops (including the whisky exchange) its still really nice sometimes to get a large order delivered

Recently put on a bonfire and fireworks party. Lots of booze needed and I wanted to do a speciality spiked hot chocolate. A few bottles of frangelico and whickey did the trick all right! (this was for over 30 people)

Packages are always super secure, they use a unique bubble wrap that works really well. Shipping is fairly cheap and the products are good value



Really grate site. Combine it with a 0% credit cards, company reward cards and vouchers (stackable where possible) for maximum results



Massive cock up on their part. They ultimately admitted to trying to deliver to the wrong place twice, they only figured it out when I demanded to be put through to a supervisor and he asked me what colour my door was, I replied and he said the driver made note of a different colour and that this should have been asked before. I calmly had them reschedule.

Then apparently the driver tried to call me in the morning at like 8am. He didn't get any response, so didn't pack the truck with my parcels. I was at a loss to respond to that (I didn't have anything in my call log for a start). At this point I felt like I was having a conversation with a small child.

They said they would deliver on saturday. 1 of 2 parcels shows up on saturday. I call them up asking where the other is. They don't think they ever received it

I was right at the end of my rope and had already said to the vendor if they screw up on friday im not going to waste any more of my life trying to get through to customer support, or dealing with customer support, who dont provide a lot of support.

I have told the vendor to re-send royal mail or send to to my work address.
I never want to use ukmail again at this point, i will be actively excluding services that use ukmail. Or I will make sure to get it delivered to my office where they have cctv and logs so the delivery driver or customer services rep cant just claim whatever they want.

I would recommend that if you are going to start trying to resolve an issue with them get an app that records conversations. and record all conversations from the very start. Otherwise ultimately its your word against theirs and they lie!

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UK Mail

Activly trying to not get my package to me

--fist and last thing I will say
get an app to record phone conversations, they will lie to you repeatedly and to your vendor. Its nice to have proof of what they said and when.
Don't bother emailing them, they do not respond. Unfortunately you have to call

I ordered some stuff from a site. The site tries to send me 2 packages via uk mail. uk mail delay one of the packages for some reason, now I have to arrange to be home for 2 days for 2 deliveries (I get a text telling me this). Then no-one turned up, on either day. Did not ring the bell, did not leave a missed package slip. There can be no confusion here, I have a neighbour who runs a business from home, they categorically did not try to deliver any packages.

I immediately email ukmail telling them this. I still have yet to receive a response

After a few days without a response I called them, took me about 2 hours to get a person. Completely unacceptable. Also had about 3 dropped calls which frustrated me to no end. Eventually I get through to a woman, she informs me that they could redeliver for the next day (thursday). I of course have to work like a normal person. I have already taken 2 days off to be in to receive what was a single order from a single company but was still empty handed.

I said I'd have to talk to my boss but didn't want to have to call back again (and wait 2 hours on the phone again). She said I could do it online

I was unable to arrange thursday off but managed to get friday off. I go online to rebook the deliveries, the online form doesn't work. Cant even access it. Not acceptable

So I call them up again (40 minutes to get a person, I am very ******* lucky I have an understanding boss). I tell them I cant access the form. They start to try and arrange delivery. They are unable to schedule for friday as it is a day out of the redelivery window. Apparently I had missed my opportunity to arrange redelivery, despite delivery not having been attempted in the first place.

They made a "special" request with the warehouse to deliver my stuff on friday and say they will confirm when the warehouse confirms. I wait 24 hours and have heard nothing. Call them again (at least 40 min wait). They have yet to hear from the warehouse on the issue and say they will call me back.

Days later, Its now late on thursday, I dont know if I will receive anything tomorrow. I have not heard any confirmation, I do not know if they expect me to be at home tomorrow. I do not want to take the day off if they are not going to.

To top it off they can't promise that the driver will call me if he can't find my address, which is why they think I didn't get any slips. (Even though it says slip left online).
So even if I stay home tomorrow and they send it out for delivery they may not actually attempt to deliver them. Apparently this is at the drivers prerogative. Absolute madness

I am so angry, I literally just want to type out profanity here about them

The wait times for support, the absence of communication on their email account and the madness is what really gets me. I have taken 3 days off with 0 of 2 parcels to show for it.

The only good thing I have to say about them is they have some incredibly patient call centre staff, clearly not enough of them but the ones I spoke to were excellent

As another review has said below, I will not use ukmail again, not on my life

called them up and went through the trouble of speaking to a supervisor after getting my first hostile rep, rep really doesn't want to pass me up. Was a real knob

The supervisor starts asking me some questions and it becomes immediately apparent that they have been trying to deliver it to the wrong house. The driver made note of some distinctive features that we do not have on our house. Supervisor is surprised no one has asked this previously

So he apologizes, i actually make him promise that the 2 parcels would be on a truck to me tomorrow and i would get a call when the driver arrives. I literally made him promise and felt like a complete idiot for doing so but I was grasping at straws
Friday update, jesus christ.

So the one upshot of talking to the knob was that he said they cant 100% confirm that the items were on their way to me until 7am when they are actually packed on the truck and scanned. I'm obviously paranoid about wasting a day completely so I call them around 9, waited a good 40 minutes to speak to someone.

Give her my numbers, she says that she cant see any activity or something like that. But its not necessarily bad news, apparently they are testing or using a new system. She tries to call the depo to ask them, no response. She says that she is going to get on them and call me back.

2 hours pass taking me to 10. I call back, again just waiting for conformation that they are on the way, and I haven't taken the day off for nothing. After the wait and some holding whilst the rep gets the depo they inform me that the packages are not on the truck. They are at the depo. I almost cried, I said i made the supervisor promise, she said that the driver, who had tried and failed to deliver the package before tried to call me when they were loading the truck. and i had not picked up, so he didn't load the packages. Im not sure of what time, or exactly what his reasoning was if true. I can't imagine it being anything but complete BS, but i have no idea whose BS it is. Needless to say i didn't actually get a phone call, and as its a mobile I have simple call logs so i confirmed that..

I had told the website that if this fails I would wash my hands of it, having effectively lost a considerable amount of money taking unnecessary holidays. But the rep that gave me the bad news said that they could do a saturday delivery for me, i accept, saying that really this will be the last time. And i also wondered why they hell they didnt offer that previously

I asked why i didnt get a text notification today, i got one originally when they said they were delaying one of the parcels. She said as this was such a "special request" that i wouldn't be getting any texts, the website would also not update

Day 32: kill me
So Saturday rolls around, its 8 am and impossibly I get a text, one of my packages may be delayed. I call the center, wait a while. Breaking news, the first item is on the truck. the 2nd item... has no information. I ask if she can call the depo. she asks if she can call them and then call me back. No thank you, i will stay on hold please

She basically comes back with nothing, they tried to ring the driver (but confusingly not the driver for today) and maybe he knows something? She frankly told me that it would not be on the truck today which i was grateful for. She then said i should talk to the website and ask them if they actually sent it, which was hilarious, how did they get a consignment number for a package that doesn't exist.

But at any rate i am going right back to the website and probably asking for them to refund it when they get it in, or re-send it royal mail. I would get it shipped to work but its a big item

The other item has successfully been received, unfortunately it was so not worth the hassle

I had got in touch with the vendor and said one arrived, one didn't. Vendor was apologetic says they will contact ukmail.

Wednesday: (from vendor)
"Against tracking number (the other bloody tracking number) is a signature that is your name, therefore we are unable to help any further. All I can now suggest if for you to contact UK Mail and request a hard copy pod and ask them to contact the driver and confirm where it was delivered to. Please accept our apologies on this matter and is now closed"

So I can only assumed that they called up asking about 54321 (not delivered) and were told that 12345 was delivered (which it was). So this isn't a lie but c'mon ukmail, stop being a dick!

I almost decided to cut my losses and just give the vendor a bad review (I already gave him a good one for the other item which I regret). They had been good and i thought were going to be really helpful, I sent them this as an indication of the ordeals I have gone through. also so they could refer to it when talking to UKmail. But they just turned round and said contact ukmail again, my heart sank

But I have come this far. I'm not going to stop today

Call up ukmail, takes me an HOUR to get through. 3 dropped calls, reps are really starting to grate on me know. They have to phrase things specifically. I make a point of correcting them, "so they tried to deliver on the 30th" "no, they failed to find my house until the 8th, you should have that confirmed by a supervisor in your notes right in front of you"

All they will say is that the parcel has not been received, by me, duh.
They did say that they were unable to find the parcel at the depo and that they will need to talk to the driver.
Apparently this does categorically mean that the item is NOT missing. Apparently missing is not an available status in the UKmail universe

Still wednesday:
The vendor has just said they are sending a replacement, by ukmail....
That might seem reasonable but when I first contacted them I said I would take a refund over another sent by ukmal. I said I would accept royal mail sent to my home or UKmail sent to my office (where the driver would have to log his entry and there is cctv if ukmail tried to lie again)

Still still wednesday:
Have called vendor and just got in the nick of time by the sounds of it. The item will be sent by ukmail to my office (a major london landmark), so I very much look forward to their excuse as to why they cant find it.


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I don't know if this happened to anyone else but i got hooked on that bundu biltong that was literally everywhere a few month ago. For some reason they seem to have stopped promoting it and I haven't been able to find the stuff anywhere for month.

So i ordered some off amazon, from a 3rd party storefront. Been waiting over a month already because they don't have the stock but amazon guarantee it and they've refunded shipping already so whatever.

Anywho enter the chichester biltong company, decent prices, a few days delivery, great tracking and the bltong is great. I had been skeptical about the wetter varies (bundu is very dry) so i ordered a medium wet not fat, dry no fat and dry medium fat. I also ordered some venison and garlic biltong. Overall amazed by the quality, really tasty stuff and you can tailor it however you want which is a really nice and novel concept.

I will definitely be ordering from them soon.
Thanks biltong company


Good job

Made a mistake on my address, the company delt with very effectively, very happy with my order. They are not the cheapest for everything and I do use the online discounted warehouses heavily but with some items and the rewards H and B can be great

Dolphin Fitness

Consistently excellent

Really brilliant company. Used many times, prices can't be beat, unmatched selection. Super speedy shipping. Top notch



Great of selection and price. I'm mostly interested in the american stuff, particularly cereals, pop tarts and candy. It's a great one stop shop for all my goodies. Shipping was good. Timely and we'll packed. Although my lucky charms did get bashed a bit :(

Nice bargain selection as well, quite happy with my xmas jumbo assorted box of hello panda cookies. Actually wish I'd bought more!

Better(selection/cheaper) than cyber candy and other online retailers in my opinion

Farnell Cpc


Had an order rejected by CPC. Called customer support and they explained that as a new customer you can't charge to one address and ship to another. I was annoyed but they assured me that the order cannot be accepted and without fail will be rejected. Just to be safe I e-mailed my order receipt and basically this explanation to their support team to confirm.

I then immediately order from another vendor as I wanted my item (a gift for a friend). Today customer support have sent me an email saying that the order should have been cancelled but has already been sent!

They have said "Please contact us upon receipt if you would like to arrange a return" which I bloody will, I will also be pissed if i end up paying for the shipping either way.

Item arrived, they botched the first pickup, trying to arrange another. Frankly way too much time and effort spent on my part already. Especially considering they charged and sent it to me after telling me that they would not charge or send it to me

Just took friday off to get them their package back, no one turned up. I called at 3 to ask where the hell they were, they said it can take till 5:30 so just stay at home. At 5:30 I call up and they say it can take till 6. No one tuned up. Im not fussed about the morning but they at least wasted half a day of my time. They were unapologetic, I am absolutely fucking furious at this point

26 February 2013

Reply from CPC

Hello Mr. Slattery,

Apologies, this does sound like a poor experience. I have spoken to our customer service department who have been looking into this for you and i understand they have credited you and they have left you a voice-mail message and email asking you to get in touch so we can resolve this for you.

Kind regards




Ordered a washing machine, took them up on the £20 to install, £10 to remove the old unit. I would have paid more than that just to carry the new one up and the old one down the stairs! Absolute bargain.

They arrived a little early, but it was saturday and friday had dumped a load of snow, i thought they would be late but apparently there were a few cancellations.

The guys were brilliant, very friendly, i was having some trouble with my worktop preventing installations. They came up with a brilliant workaround, installed it, tested it and left. Must have been over in 40 minutes

Also i got a great deal on the machine itself, then found a discount code online for £30 to offset the installation and removal. Really couldn't be happier with the service


Bored of dealing with them frankly

Unit arrived faulty. They said they will send parts in 2 weeks. After 4 weeks i ask where parts are. Without responding they send an UNNAMED parcel to my address, which is shared with 2 businesses and 3 flats (7 people). Don't know what they were thinking. (they obviously have my name)

In the mean time another part has fallen off the unit.

This is the calor hotspot, one of their premium heaters, needless to say i am extremely disappointed with it

Customer services have not been active and the review i put on the product page has not shown up yet. It did not speak well of the product but did not contain profanity or any other reason to sensor it. Very bad practice in my opinion, whats the point of having a review section if you are not going to show bad reviews.

I am trying to find out if i can get a refund or some fair compensation. but i doubt it as (because of them) i am outside of the return policy, we shall see

EDIT -- 20 days later, no response from calor about my last email. Going to chase them up again now.
CAN NOT STATE THIS ENOUGH, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM AS A RETAIL CUSTOMER. The initial value for money looks ok but i have wasted so much time dealing with this as well as manually fixing my unit (less than 6 months old)

EDIT2 -- Finally got refund, minus charges which is just another slap in the face after all that but its good to be out, bought another heater from a local vendor. After telling my story to the guy he said they just shouldn't use city-link to deliver expensive and breakable items, couldn't agree more. Iv now got a Quest heater for less than half the price of the hotspot, matching all the functionality and IMO it looks better!

Iv also got to stress that the calor website doesn't show poor reviews which i think is despicable

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