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Marketing scams and locked phones impossible to unlock

The coverage with O2 pay&go is bad. When you are abroad they start their 'marketing research' calling you from 80000 number to scam away your money for the incoming call as you pay for the roaming.I contacted them from the US (imagine the time of calls 'cos of time difference)and only after my complaint they stopped calling from that number.

I bought O2 Pay & Go with the exact purpose to use it a year later abroad. I was asured in store that the Pay&Go phones are not locked for O2 mobile network. Being on holiday in Europe I had a problem with a local sim-card. On coming back I called the Customer Support and they say: No, no it's not us. It was that European network.
Now I am in the US, wasting a month for awaiting for unlocking details. Having been promised twice so far to check my email, spent hours chatting with agents just to be asked againn and again to top up and only than they will send me the unlocking details.
Eventually, I qiuted saying good bye to O2 and just feel sorry for wasting my time and money on roaming with them.
Every time I asked them to unlock my phone they asked me for new additional info, and then told me to wait for a week, then for a week and now more than 30 days later and an unfair request to top up 15 pounds maintaining balance (which I can't spend on anything. It should be there for yet another 7 days) I am still with a locked phone. I've just given up.
Stay away from O2. There are much better mobile networks in the UK.

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