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Never Again !!

I ordered and paid for a cross trainer (home delivery only item) and the website description states "our specialist delivery team will contact you within 3 working days to confirm your delivery date" and "3 to 7 working days delivery".
5 working days later and despite a reminder phone call to them I still hadn't heard anything so I phoned them again to be told that the manager wasn't in the office but they would ring me back as soon as they did turn up.
Finally that evening a message was left asking me to ring them the following morning which I duly did to be quoted a delivery day but they had no idea of whether it would be morning or afternoon.
However the quoted delivery day would actually be 8 working days from the order date despite the fact that I had ordered the cross trainer so that the 3rd to 7th working days were my week off of work, this left me with no choice but to cancel the order having wasted my time ordering from this joke of a company!
In summary they failed their promises of
"contact within 3 working days to confirm delivery date" and "delivery within 3 to 7 working days"
I would advise anyone who reads this to avoid Sports Direct home delivery service like the plague.

Ups Uk

Beggars Belief.

I've been waiting for an urgent parcel that their own delivery commitment states will be delivered in 2 business days, however 3 business days later the package still hasn't been delivered.
It's now Friday afternoon and I needed the goods for this weekend so thanks to UPS that's the weekend ruined!!
Their customer service agents are as much use as a chocolate teapot, having a tooth extracted would be less painful and a more pleasant experience then trying to communicate with them.
Never ever again will I order from anyone who uses UPS


The 2nd part of the order arrives in the UK and the tracking website states it is scheduled for delivery today however at 13.00 it has not even left the depot!!
What a bunch of incompetent muppets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Rip Off, Broken Promises & Lies

I placed an order and paid extra for Premium Next Day Delivery and received an email at 22:48 confirming despatch of the order.

My Protein had decided to send the order by Standard Next Day Delivery, and had not refunded the difference and to make things worse Yodel do not deliver next day in my area.

Not only did they con me out of a Premium Next Day Delivery charge but I also had to pay exorbitant phone charges to ring them.

Congratulations you've lost a loyal customer!!

I've now discovered that despite their promise they have not instructed Yodel to return the item nor have they refunded my money.

Steer well clear and do not believe any of their promises.


In reply to My Protein

Why does your website offer next day delivery and charge for next day delivery to existing customers when you know your delivery companies do not even do next day deliveries to their address?
Why did you not refund the next day delivery charge until I complained or is this your standard practice?
Why do you advertise free delivery but set your website to default to chargable next day delivery or is this another standard practice?
Why do you only provide an 0845 phone number or is this so customers have to pay you to complain about your above practices?
I could go on but hopefully anyone reading this review will now realise what sort of company you are.

Update 13/03/14

You instructed Yodel to return the parcel on 6/3/14 which they did but as I discovered today (7 days later) on phoning your rip-off 0845 phone line you have still not processed a refund.
The question is if I hadn't phoned you would you have ever refunded my money?

Update 16/03/14

Finally some refunds have appeared on my card but you've not refunded the full amount, yet more proof that you are attempting to con/scam customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 March 2014

Reply from Myprotein UK & Ireland

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your review to express your disappointment with your recent order.

As can be seen on our delivery options on site, due to geographical restrictions, we cannot fulfil next day delivery to certain areas of the country. Your area is included in a 48 hour service.

Your package is en rout to our warehouse having being requested to be returned to us and should be delivered to us within the next 24-48 hours. AS soon as we receive this back a full refund will be issued.

Many thanks once again for your time and understanding.

Kindest regards,

My Protein
Customer Care Team


Appalling Service

Months after I posted a review I received an e-mail demanding that I edit the review or it would be deleted, which I reluctantly did.
But then the nightmare began.....Trustpilot then wanted proof of purchase etc which would have been easy if they had requested it when the review was originally published but months afterwards!!

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13 January 2014

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your comments.

I know it can be frustrating when you see your review has been reported on our site, however Trustpilot is an open platform where everyone can read and write reviews about the companies they buy from. To ensure the quality of the reviews, we provide an option to report a review that may not follow our review guidelines or could be written by someone, who can't be identified as a real customer. Any company or consumer can report a review and you can see who, when and why a review has been reported on the company profile page.

One of my colleagues in Community Support is investigating the issue. Once we have documentation that you bought something from the company, and the review does not violate our other guidelines, we will restore your review. I understand that this is a hassle, but it's the best way can ensure that reviews are written by real customers. So I hope you can help us and other consumers by cooperating.

Best Regards,

123Print UK

Untrustworthy, Buy Elsewhere

My order was placed on 27/08/13 when I had not received it by 05/09/13 I queried the whereabouts of the order, bearing my mind their 2day shipping claim. I hadn't heard anything back by Friday 06/09/13 so I chased them again to be told that the order was ready but had missed that days courier collection and would be sent on Monday 09/09/13. The delay was blamed on a machine breakdown and I was told that their marketing dept should have let me know.
However on Monday 09/09/13 I was told that the order had been lost by the courier but had been re-printed and was being re-sent to me and I would get it the following day. Unsurprisingly I was amazed that the courier had lost the parcel and they had re-printed the order all in one day!! Also they had neglected to check that their couriers offer a 24hr/next day delivery service to my area, and surprise surprise they don't.
I have used 123print in the past and the service was reasonable and the quality ok, but those cards were of a simple print on a white background, this time I choose a more compicated double-sided design with a coloured background and shiny finish.
When I eventually received this order the print definition was poor and the finish different on the front and back and I feel was not value for money.
In summary if I was to ignore the delivery delays and the differing reasons given by various members of 123print's staff, I would not use them again and would recommend that people go elsewhere for their printing requirements.

13 September 2013

Reply from 123Print UK

Dear Mr French,
Thank you for taking the time to review 123Print UK. I believe you have spoken to 2 members of our Customer Service team this evening who have advised that the machine breakdown was a genuine issue.
Please accept my apologies if you feel the essence of any conversation has led you to believe differently. It is not in our interest to mislead our customers as we value all customers - new and returning - at 123Print UK.
Kind regards,
Karen Gilligan
Customer Service Manager


Absolute Shite Aberdeen Depot

Ordered goods from China and went well until they arrived at the Aberdeen depot 3 days later. Once there it took 2 days to travel less than 40 miles. Don't believe any information on their tracking website.

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Breath Of Fresh Air

Having been on all the networks I decided to give GG a go, wish I had done it ages ago. No foreign call centres with agents you can't understand. No contract, unbeatable value for money and you can change the goodybag (tariff) each month!! If you do experience a problem there are loads of people to offer advice on the community pages and they know more than a call centre chappy reading from a script!! In short if you want to be overcharged and spend half your life on the phone to India or wherever follow the crowd but if you want value for money and excellent service be different and join Giffgaff


Bad Customer Service & Delivery Service

I ordered 2 sticks on a Saturday and paid for next day delivery as I was going to be at home on the Tuesday. However the sticks were not sent out as one was allegedly damaged and a replacement had to be obtained but no-one bothered to let me know!! Furthermore they only use DPD who do not deliver next-day to my area anyway and they will not send via any other company. So an order that should have been delivered on the Tuesday will now not be delivered until the Thursday at the earliest and it is only because I contacted them that I knew not to wait in for the delivery!! Avoid like the plague.


What a load of effluent

Not only is the site full of scammers, rip-off merchants and people who spend all day posting multiple ads but genuine ads are removed for no reason at all. As for customer service if they have anybody working there then they need a rocket up them as the service is pathetic.

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Absolute Pony & Trap

1: I ordered a pair of brown boots when I received the order they were black so I posted them back and had to keep chasing them for a refund of the postage.

2: Placed an order on a Thursday and when the website still showed it as processing on the following Monday I telephoned them and after they spoke to the warehouse was advised it would be picked and sent out that day. On Tuesday morning the website only showed the order as ready to ship so again I phoned them to be told that it had not been sent as promised but would be sent out that day.

I will now shop elsewhere especially as they use Yodel.

City Link

Bad Service

They live up to their name S*itty Link. 4 different deliveries not delivered on time. If you phone on the day they promise will be delivered by 9pm, never happens!! They can't even lie properly as I was given 3 different reasons why one parcel wasn't delivered.


Bad Delivery Service Shitty Link

I had no problems with Asda but they use City Link so parcel not delivered on time as usual.

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Crap Delivery Service Shitty Link

I paid for next day delivery and it didn't arrive by the stated time on City Link's website so I phoned them and they promised delivery by 9pm, but it didn't happen. When I phoned Amazon's customer services dept they were as much use as a chocolate teaspoon. Will only use as a last resort until they stop using Shitty Link


Rubbish Delivery Service & Customer Service

Buy elsewhere until they stop using C(Sh)itylink

Top Battery

Dishonest Lying Thieves

DO NOT USE. 1st battery faulty sent back after numerous delaying & prevaricating e-mails, 2nd battery received also faulty (suspect it was the 1st one sent back again). 2nd battery returned and partial refund received only after chasing them. Despite 2 promises to refund rest of my money it has not happened. DO NOT USE & DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY

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